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Ross Dellenger of Yahoo Sports wrote this week about the struggles that coaches and schools face at the Group of Five level regarding name, image, and likeness (NIL).

One of the most significant issues that G5 coaches deal with is retaining players and keeping them from transfering to power five schools with more money to spend on NIL. An example is Jamey Chadwell's Liberty team:

Chadwell’s Liberty team capped an undefeated regular season with a Conference-USA title and a trip to the Fiesta Bowl only to then lose three of his top returning players: a defensive tackle (Duke), cornerback (Oregon State) and receiver (LSU).

“Those guys would be all-conference for us,” Chadwell said. “LSU paid for a car and an apartment and like $300,000. What do you do?”
Daniels, a 6-1, 195-pound receiver from Lilburn, Ga., caught 55 passes for 1,067 yards and ten touchdowns last season. He announced his transfer to LSU on January 14.
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Timeoday2 months
Surely Chadwell is aware of the speculations about him.
user avatar
Jwils2 months
"Life ain't fair, and the world is mean" - Sturgill Simpson
user avatar
mla01002 months
Funny to hear Chadwell, crying about losing players to Larger Power 5 schools, when he’s one of THE highest paid Coaches in the CUSA Conference? And where his current Employer (Liberty) has a huge advantage over many due to their Religious fundraising advantages (tax free) over many! Stop complaining and crying and Coach up your team…
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cwill2 months
The money is now all above board. The complaints about NIL are missing the mark - your problem is with the transfer portal.
user avatar
CDawson2 months
The portal is a far bigger issue than the NIL.
user avatar
brewdrees2 months
Only good thing about the NIL is it ran Nick Saban off.
user avatar
cajunmud2 months
Can't wait until Elon Musk really starts backing his college teams (Penn). They'll be champs every year!
user avatar
ton12 months
I said this when all this NIL chatter started if the IVY League boys start getting in involved we will see a change back to the days when they ruled college football
user avatar
Davy2 months
Gross. I realize we’ve got to do it to win while it’s legal, but we need to ban NIL. College players should not be paid.
user avatar
denvertiger2 months
Why not?
user avatar
SaintlyTiger2 months
Schools shouldn’t exploit people to make a financial gain
user avatar
SJHTIGER2 months
care to expound on that? shouldn't high school kids get paid? i'm sure people went to his high school teams baseball games to see him. is his high school "exploiting" him for financial gain?
user avatar
burreauxxx2 months
Damn offer a DT $300k
user avatar
Giantkiller2 months
Man we had a great thing going with college football, didn’t we? Too bad we had to frick that all up.
user avatar
saintlad742 months
It sucks, and every team was doing it under the table. Some more than others were better at it

Hell, Bama was getting away with it by offering cars to the recruits.

NIL allows for more level among the big schools .

Still got a ways to go for schools like Liberty.

They need mega donors
user avatar
UncleLester2 months
Chadwell needs to find a new slant.

CJ is earning every penny of the $300k NIL deal from “Our Lady of the Lake” and the Hospital benefits from us true Tiger fans choosing to go their Emergency Room over the Emergency Rooms at Oschner and Baton Rouge General that can’t bother to rally behind our beloved Purple and Gold.

I call it win, win, and win.

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Magazine St2 months
Isn’t that what NIL is for? They get paid to play.
user avatar
GusAU2 months
No, it is not supposed to be “pay for play”…although that is what it has become.
user avatar
Texas Weazel2 months
Some children will not get their medical care paid for, but that's a sacrifice LSU is willing to make.
user avatar
ElTigreFuego2 months
Give Reggie back his Heisman
user avatar
Smoke2392 months
300,000? Insanity
user avatar
ReverendJeffro2 months
A powerhouse football program paid a player!!!! I’m shocked!!! Was it a Charger?
user avatar
touchdownjeebus2 months
We aren’t a charger school. We have better taste than that.
user avatar
TKLSUMD2 months
Shooters shoot.
user avatar
NWHoustonTiger2 months
I don't get it - are the Falwell's broke?
user avatar
LSU Bayou Jim2 months
Butt hurt!
user avatar
pitchandcatch272 months
He needs to shut the F up. Sore loser..we got him.
user avatar
225Tyga2 months
Ida got him more!
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