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American Airlines passengers were left 'sobbing' after being held on a hot plane for 6 hrs

Airline shut off the ac to save fuel. Then sat on a runway in Charlotte for 6 hours.


American Airlines passengers were left 'sobbing' after being held on a hot plane for six hours, report says

American Airlines held passengers on a hot plane with no food or drink service for six hours on Sunday afternoon, according to a reporter for The Charlotte Observer.

According to The Charlotte Observer, the flight from Charlotte Douglas International Airport to New York City JFK was scheduled to depart in the early afternoon, but due to issues with the fuel tank, the airline transferred passengers to another plane before holding it on the runway.

Genna Contino, a reporter for the news outlet who was on the flight, said the first plane had "limited" air conditioning for the first three hours, while the second plane had no air conditioning or food-and-drink services.

She said in a tweet that by the sixth hour of being held on the plane, another passenger on the flight was having a "mental breakdown." She added that American Airlines did not allow passengers to exit despite their distress.

Contino said the airline turned the air conditioning off to save fuel, "until people started sobbing and having panic attacks."

Representatives for American Airlines did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

Andrew Trull, an American Airlines spokesperson, told The Charlotte Observer that maintenance issues and a weather delay caused the six-hour holdup.

Tull told the local news outlet that the flight to JFK originally boarded at 1:40 p.m., but the airline later told passengers to leave the plane at 3:50 p.m. They then boarded another aircraft at 4:30 p.m., which eventually left for JFK at 7:30 p.m.

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frick that. I'm taking the slide after hour one.

I had a fight out of NOLA a few weeks back. After we boarded we sat in the plane for a half hour. The attendants were saying it's just a maintenence issue. We'll be back up. They got AC from the gate. (We never left gate )

When I saw maintenence get on. I told my wife and kids to grab their bags.
We were the first to deplane. Attendant didn't want to let us off at first. Said we may not get back on.
We got off and we're the first to book a later connecting flight. We were going to book the next direct flight. Anyway. But five minutes later the entire plane deplanes and gets in line at the ticket counter I'm already at.

When we're moving. I'm fine. If we're stuck I want off.

Anyway our direct to Newark turned into a connecting o Laguardia that I changed into a connecting to Newark.

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Yeah, I'm breaking a door and escaping, then suing. That is the dumbest thing airlines do.

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It's honestly pretty amazing that we still have situations where planes will sit on the tarmac for hours with people crammed in them like sardines.

There has to be a solution to this

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Sounds like a hostage situation or kidnapping.

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Did that in Dallas for an hour and a really sucked

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I thought congress passed an airline passenger bill of rights a few years ago that prevented this situation from happening?

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until people started sobbing and having panic attacks

What a nation of absolute pussies we have become.

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I would take severe turbulance over this any day.

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There has to be a solution to this

Uhhh, drive the plane back to the terminal and left the passengers off?

I hope every single passenger sues American into the ground. frick that airline

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I just don’t understand why they can’t deplane and then let them back on when ready

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These days most of the criers were probably guys.

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I’ve switched between United, Delta, and American over the years. So I’ve experienced all three for regular business travel.

American is the Ford of the big 3 legacy carriers. They screw up so much that you wonder how they stay in business. They are the worst one by far. They treat their customers so badly that they don’t deserve to survive the next downturn IMO.
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frick AA

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How hard is it to deplane and let the passengers chill in the terminal? I'm sure there was an open gate at the airport that the plane can be pulled into for 20 minutes, unload, pull the aircraft to a parking spot to fix, and then load up and go. Lazy planning.

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Because pilots and flight attendants start getting paid once they leave the gate

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I sat on one without AC in Houston during the summer and it was getting tense. I think if one person stood up and raised hell, the entire plane would've erupted.

Im not one for frivolous lawsuits but maybe one is in order to put a stop to this

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Isn’t there some law about not doing that for more than an hour? Why the frick didn’t they at least pass out some drinks if the Ac was off.

I would have lost my fricking mind

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What a nation of absolute pussies we have become.

While the article is obviously dramatic, those people should not have been on that plane for that long. I’m honestly not sure how I would have handled it.

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Daughter's flight two days ago had no a/c until passengers were in an uproar. Magically the a/c started working

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