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How would you have ended GoT?

This may have already been discussed earlier at some point, but I have a question today. We all know how GoT crashed and burned in the final season. It just dropped the ball big time, you all know how it went.

My question is, how would you have mapped out that final season? If you were in charge, how would the story have been different? Ultimately, what could have made it a much better final season, in your opinion?

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Lots of Dragon mom titties is how

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if the final battle had taken place ay Kings Landing
all of the characters ending would have been more interesting with a few changes for location /timing

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Arya Stark was the star of the last season.

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Jon Snow killing the Night King, becoming King of the North, Dany not going bat shite but still killing the Lannisters and taking over Westeros except the North
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Well, Danny going Mad Queen and John Snow being her bitch with the constant "my queen" was sickening. Cersi was a non-player in most of the final season which sucked.

It's easier to complain about what went wrong than try to fix it..

I guess I would do a sequel with what happen to John Snow after he was exile to the Wall and beyond
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John battles the night king. Loses but doesn’t die. Many others do. Danny takes kings landing without the crazy shite. Epic battle with fire and ice dragon. Danny dies. John rules.

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How would you have ended GoT?

Robb Stark defeats the Lannisters and the North lives happily ever after as an independent kingdom.

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John does his duty and fricks his aunt… for peace

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IMO the show was great in the beginning bc of how punishing it was emotionally. A lot of time bad prevailed over good. Characters didn’t have plot armor. I would have liked the final season to instead be one where egos and power grabbing were more important than the threat to the north. Perhaps the Starks pleading with the Lannisters for help with the northern threat. Meanwhile Cersei ignores it because she sees it as a opportunity to grab land/power and see the Stark house fall — and totally ignoring the fact the soon the threat would be at her front steps too. Eventually the entire continent is overwhelmed bc houses couldn’t reconcile their differences for a short enough time to deal with the zombies.
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Major plot points?

The Hound confronts and kills his undead brother using fire. Fire was the weapon the Mountain scarred him with, the Hound fears, and his brother is vulnerable to

Jamie and Cersei are revealed to be the children of the mad king. This explains Cersei's obsession with wildfire, including the threat to destroy kings landing with it. It also makes Jamie not only a kingslayer but a kinslayer and (like Tyrion) the killer of his own father. And It makes Tywin's only biological heir the dwarf he despised.. Jamie should similarly be forced into the decision of killing his sister Cersei to save the kingdom from her madness (making him a cursed and tragic hero responsible for two kinslayings to save the kingdom at great personal cost.

One of the three potential promised "princes" must be the one to kill the nightking: Snow, Danys, or Jamie. If it is Jamie the empowerment of his weapon would be accomplished by the blood of Cersei on his blade.

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IMO the show was great in the beginning bc of how punishing it was emotionally. A lot of time bad prevailed over good.

I was re-watching some scenes from GoT on Youtube last night, and I tell you, I feel like the show had more utterly despicable villains than any other show in history. Joffrey and Ramsay are usually the first that come to mind, but characters like Karl Tanner and Locke were also sadistic psychopaths who really pushed the boundaries in what we were used to seeing from a tv series.

I think the villains and their actions just reinforced how brutal of a world Westeros and beyond really was.
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Everybody dies but Cersei.

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Jon kills the night king.
Dany dies taking king's landing.
Jaime kills cersei during the assault of king's landing turning the kingslayer into the queenslayer.
Jon ends up on the throne.

Alternately, night king wins.
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Jamie would have never gone back to Cersi and would have banged Brieanne before dying protecting Bran.
Jon Snow would have been king.

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I actually don’t have a problem with how things actually ended (except for Bran; that was stupid). My problem was that instead of fleshing those endings out and leading up to them to where they actually make sense, they just rushed through things and crammed the endings in there as fast as possible so they made almost no sense.

For example; Dany going insane? Okay I can buy that if it makes sense…she’s nuts anyway and is a Targaryen after all. But to have her character turn on a dime, within the span of about an episode, to a direction that is literally the opposite of the entire premise of her character is just so silly and stupid that it’s laughable.

You want Bran to get the throne? Maybe don’t show us how dumb and wooden he is for a season and a half before giving it to him. Give us a GLIMPSE of him being rational, compassionate, or a leader or whatever you can to make it make sense. Don’t just randomly name him at the end of the series out of fricking nowhere.

Just shite like that made no sense and turned one of the best shows ever into just “good.” I still contend that the last couple seasons have some really good parts in them. And had they even remotely stuck the landing, the show would’ve gone down as one of the GOATs. But they didn’t. And it will be (rightfully) remembered for that.
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More aunt/nephew sex. Less mad queen.

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Of all the dumb things in the last season the dumbest was Jon Snow to the nights watch especially after the Ice Kind was gone. I didn't like Bran as king either or the Dragon Mom going crazy in half a minute but the Snow to the wall was absolutely dumb.

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I would have done a lot of things differently, but there was a post on here a long time ago, with script lines and everything, for having Jamie kill the night king.

However it ends, that scene should be included.

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