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Tony Romo giving Mahomes a blowjob for 3 hours tonight

by pevetohead comments18
pevetohead 181/29 10:36 pm
Bass Tiger

Pels have lost 8 in a row

by The Egg comments10
The Egg 101/29 10:36 pm
The Egg

NFL is not rigged, it's worse...

by Addison Tiger comments13
Addison Tiger 131/29 10:23 pm
Addison Tiger

Joe Burrow on LSU fans that bought SuperBowl tickets

by ArmyHogs comments15
ArmyHogs 151/29 10:20 pm
Got Blaze

The games aren't rigged, the refs and rules just suck

by The Top G comments10
The Top G 101/29 10:11 pm

What does Joe Burrow and the Bengals need to move forward?

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by BFANLC comments21
BFANLC 211/29 10:11 pm

Just remember there is always next year!

by BamaNme comments2
BamaNme 21/29 10:07 pm

Will LSU fans pull for a Bama QB now?

(Page 1 2)
by BamaNme comments28
BamaNme 281/29 10:07 pm

burrow will not let the refs stop him

by Nonetheless comments6
Nonetheless 61/29 10:06 pm

Bengals moving forward

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by Falco comments20
Falco 201/29 10:01 pm

Does the NHL have too much parity?

by Draconian Sanctions comments5
Draconian Sanctions 51/29 10:01 pm
Draconian Sanctions

Is joey going to wear his pink outfit on the plane trip home?

by 308 comments10
308 101/29 9:53 pm

Joseph Ossai

by TulaneFan comments3
TulaneFan 31/29 9:49 pm

Eagles Open as 1.5 Point Favorites

by OleVaught14 comments11
OleVaught14111/29 9:47 pm

I would advise Burrow to not take up all the Bengals’ cap space

by grizzlylongcut comments18
grizzlylongcut181/29 9:45 pm

Can’t decide who is taking the loss harder…true Cincinnati Bengal fans or LSU fans?

(Page 1 2)
by WildcatMike comments29
WildcatMike 291/29 10:10 pm

Joe dragged this team as far as he could

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by Adam Banks comments68
Adam Banks 681/29 9:35 pm

I hope the Eagles Skull Frick the Chiefs in 2 weeks!

(Page 1 2)
by Asleepinthecove comments27
Asleepinthecove 271/29 9:34 pm
moock blackjack

Should Cincy/LSU fan blame this loss on the Cincinnati Jabroni Mayor?

by Bass Tiger comments2
Bass Tiger 21/29 9:31 pm

Edit:I haven’t seen a stupid play like that in the post season since Burfict hit

by Byrdybyrd05 comments3
Byrdybyrd0531/29 9:27 pm

Live look at Joe Burrow

by WestCoastAg comments10
WestCoastAg 101/29 9:27 pm


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by burke985 comments21
burke985 211/29 9:25 pm

Hurts in Burrow out

by AtticusOSullivan comments11
AtticusOSullivan111/29 9:24 pm

And people thought Camther fans were bad on this board

by CarolinaGamecock99 comments12
CarolinaGamecock99 121/29 9:23 pm

Has Mahomes officially succeeded Brady as the leagues golden boy?

by Lsuhoohoo comments0
Lsuhoohoo 01/29 9:22 pm
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