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This was the best day to be a Bears fan in like a decade lol

by ChiGator comments0
ChiGator 01/23 12:55 am

Aaron Rodgers never had a shot this year.

by Rhino67 comments6
Rhino67 61/23 12:40 am

Just hand GB the title

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by dallastiger55 comments23
dallastiger55 231/23 12:38 am

2021 NFL MVP Race down to 3***UPDATE*** Burrow currently 3rd in Updated odds

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by lsupride87 comments128
lsupride87 1281/23 12:33 am

Packers only had 10 players on the field during the last play

by emoney comments7
emoney71/23 12:30 am

What's the story on Maurice Drayton?

by James11111 comments0
James1111101/23 12:20 am

Supercross is back

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by DTRooster comments38
DTRooster381/23 12:01 am

Rodgers Chokes Again

by littleavery1948 comments6
littleavery1948 61/22 11:59 pm
go ta hell ole miss

49ers win without the offense scoring a touchdown

by Kansas City King comments8
Kansas City King 81/22 11:51 pm

Timmy Chang announced as new Hawaii HC

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by HeLeakin comments27
HeLeakin 271/22 11:49 pm
The Boat

Burrow owns me. most crushing loss for me since 2000 Baltimore

by Streelman comments0
Streelman 01/22 11:42 pm

49ers 2021 draft

by gobuxgo5 comments13
gobuxgo5 131/22 11:17 pm
H-Town Tiger

The Tennessee Titans field was immaculate, Lambeau looks like a cow pasture

by HoustonGumbeauxGuy comments17
HoustonGumbeauxGuy 171/22 11:14 pm
Buckeye Fan 19

Garrapollo just single handedly led the 49ers to the NFC title game :bow:

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by goldennugget comments23
goldennugget231/22 11:45 pm

I guess I’m pulling for Brady now....

by Hangover Haven comments6
Hangover Haven 61/22 11:07 pm

Why is Lil Wayne a Packers fan?

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by VolsOut4Harambe comments44
VolsOut4Harambe 441/22 10:45 pm

The SEC has only three Super Winning QBs

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by Vastmind comments58
Vastmind 581/22 10:44 pm
H-Town Tiger

Anybody hear "Another Saturday Night" on the Fox Broadcast a few minutes ago?

by Damathe comments7
Damathe71/22 10:43 pm

Are there no athletes that can long snap?

by Corso comments8
Corso 81/22 10:42 pm
Aubie Spr96

Aaron Rodgers taking shots at the president now

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by RLDSC FAN comments163
RLDSC FAN 1631/22 10:41 pm

Maybe Rodgers Should Have Taken the Vax Afer All HAHAHA

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by ExpertTestimony comments30
ExpertTestimony301/22 11:06 pm

Rodgers 0-4 vs 49ers in Playoffs

by Gordon Hayward comments9
Gordon Hayward91/22 10:34 pm

Is there a reason why NFL teams don't use the 3-man blocking shield for punting like CFB?

by NorthEndZone comments0
NorthEndZone 01/22 10:26 pm

Both #1 seeds lose

by Double Oh comments10
Double Oh101/22 10:18 pm

Burrow first QB to get sacked 9 times in a playoff game and win

by Jugular Joe comments14
Jugular Joe141/22 10:16 pm
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