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It’s funny how people get so emotionally involved in a fricking game…

by TOPAL comments9
TOPAL 91/29 9:22 pm

Got to feel for that Bengals kid

by Winston Cup comments18
Winston Cup181/29 9:22 pm

Did Kelce just call the Cincy mayor a Jabroni

by Bayouboogaloocrew comments2
Bayouboogaloocrew 21/29 9:22 pm

Can’t nobody steal my joe burrow sunshine.

by VeniceBeachMouton comments10
VeniceBeachMouton 101/29 9:21 pm

NFL refs truly suck.

by TigerProphet comments5
TigerProphet 51/29 9:21 pm

Everyone here pulling for exBama qb Hurts now that Joe is out?

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by BFANLC comments26
BFANLC 261/29 9:21 pm

Is it still Burrowhead?

by BamaNme comments1
BamaNme 11/29 9:20 pm
Spelt it rong

Never seen a game more given away than this

by Big Scrub TX comments5
Big Scrub TX 51/29 9:20 pm
Big Scrub TX

Is there any doubt now?

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by Ancient Astronaut comments22
Ancient Astronaut 221/29 9:20 pm

The bright side of Kansas City, making it to the Super Bowl

by TigerBR1111 comments5
TigerBR1111 51/29 9:20 pm
The Boat

Load up on the Bengals..

by AUriptide comments12
AUriptide 121/29 9:18 pm

Not one single holding or PI on the KC defense

by Asleepinthecove comments10
Asleepinthecove 101/29 9:17 pm


by baybeefeetz comments15
baybeefeetz 151/29 9:17 pm

Could any other NFL organization have “missed” with drafting Mahomes?

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by Gtothemoney comments24
Gtothemoney 241/29 9:16 pm

The NFL found its new Tom Brady aka Patrick Mahomes

by touchdown moses comments0
touchdown moses 01/29 9:15 pm
touchdown moses

Anyone else think Chiefs roll?

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by Allthatfades comments43
Allthatfades431/29 9:14 pm

Will not be watching this SB

by SelaTiger comments13
SelaTiger 131/29 9:14 pm
Lou the Jew from LSU

The absolute state of this board right now

by VermilionTiger comments13
VermilionTiger 131/29 9:14 pm

Travel Attire

by BabysArmHoldingApple comments2
BabysArmHoldingApple21/29 9:13 pm

Will Bama fans claim Mahomes like they do Hurts?

by Between TheHedges comments4
Between TheHedges 41/29 9:13 pm
Ponchy Tiger

More sports board turns into

by Art Vandelay comments3
Art Vandelay 31/29 9:12 pm
Nix to Twillie

What was the explanation for 3rd and do-over

by Tbone2 comments5
Tbone251/29 9:12 pm

Holding bigger than shite on 65

by CDUBTX comments7
CDUBTX 71/29 9:12 pm

“What do you respect about Joe Burrow and Cinncy offense?” Chiefs D answered “Nothing”

by TrueTigerTale comments17
TrueTigerTale 171/29 9:10 pm

tOfficial BengaLSUs fans coping thread

by TTsTowel comments4
TTsTowel41/29 9:10 pm
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