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3rd & 3, 4th quarter, down by 3, 6:24 remaining

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by rmnldr
rmnldr 449/27 7:05 pm

So what’s more important for a QB?

by cbree88
cbree88 139/27 7:03 pm

Will Wade Is The Best Coach On Campus

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by jimbeam
jimbeam 299/27 7:02 pm

Chase, Shelvin, etc fricked their team members over.

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by the LSUSaint
the LSUSaint 749/27 7:00 pm

The Running back rotation strategy was a fail

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by Springlake Tiger
Springlake Tiger 299/27 7:00 pm

How many of you are depressed today?

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by Billy Butcher
Billy Butcher309/27 6:56 pm

if it helps any, 2020 will not be remembered for its football, I assure you

by LSU2019
LSU2019 149/27 6:36 pm

A few examples of just how open our WRs were yesterday.

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by Cs
Cs729/27 6:29 pm

I see we are still blaming the loss on the guy who threw for almost tree-fiddy

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by Roaad
Roaad 549/27 6:26 pm

If LSU is 1-3 by the time it faces SC, and Brennan is still not spotting open recievers

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by TrueTigerTale
TrueTigerTale 289/27 6:23 pm

Damn I miss this guy- Burrow on tie: "This is a loss to me"

by Jack Crevalle
Jack Crevalle 39/27 6:19 pm

Dude, where's my Tigers?

by 9StarHooligan
9StarHooligan59/27 6:11 pm

How many sacks and fraction of seconds...

by TigerBert
TigerBert 09/27 6:10 pm

When your starting quarterback stares at the ground with the “aw shucks” look on his face

by toosleaux
toosleaux 159/27 6:07 pm

Maybe not as bad as we thought?

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by sciencefairchamp
sciencefairchamp 249/27 6:06 pm

What are the odds that LSU finishes out of the top 25?

by LSUStar
LSUStar 129/27 6:04 pm

Pelini sh*t the bed in his first game ever as LSU DC against Arizona State

by TheBaker
TheBaker 69/27 5:58 pm
memphis tiger

The Bengals scored a TD today on a play that Brady designed and used at LSU.

by Cs
Cs129/27 5:55 pm

SIAP Just got home from game. Were there any players suspended?

by gumbeaux
gumbeaux 39/27 5:55 pm

Enjoy this year for what it is

by RadarTiger
RadarTiger 149/27 5:53 pm

Offensive Play Calling

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by Doby
Doby 259/27 5:47 pm
Screaming Viking

Elephant still in the room: LSU has still NOT DEVELOPED a QB recruit from HS

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by Covingtontiger77
Covingtontiger77 589/27 5:37 pm

Wbrz reports LSU out of top 25

by LSUBaseballGod82
LSUBaseballGod82 129/27 5:30 pm

Pelini has given up 94 points and 1,130 yards of offense his last 2 games in Tiger Stadium

by Sponge
Sponge 39/27 5:23 pm

Worse coordinator hire- Canada or Pelini II?

by Raucousapplause
Raucousapplause 149/27 5:12 pm
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