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How to Reseason a Blackstone

by Tiger328 comments8
Tiger328 811/27 8:37 am

That time again, MSU Cheese shop now taking orders.

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by Gaston comments23
Gaston 2311/27 8:37 am

WFDT 11/26

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by OTIS2 comments21
OTIS2 2111/27 6:21 am
Bayou Tiger Fan Too

Scotch and Whiskey Recommendation

by Dixie2023 comments16
Dixie20231611/26 9:14 pm

FBD - Sunny Sunday

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by Long Ball Larry comments22
Long Ball Larry 2211/26 8:59 pm

Piecakens, good dessert to show skills or a waste of baking?

by Napoleon comments14
Napoleon 1411/26 8:09 pm
Darla Hood

Can you boil a turkey carcass, raw Turkey neck and gizzard to make a good broth?

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by thadcastle comments22
thadcastle 2211/26 3:01 pm

Roux in a jar for turkey gumbo question

by unclejhim comments9
unclejhim 911/26 2:59 pm

Name your favorite New Orleans area bar/restaurant Then or Now

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by Delta9 comments135
Delta9 13511/26 11:19 am
Pork Que

Hold The Mayo guy

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by RunninReb comments29
RunninReb2911/26 8:28 am

Best place in BR to get a croissant?

by CP3forMVP comments11
CP3forMVP 1111/26 8:26 am

What internal temp did you pull your smoked turkey?

by LSUlefty comments16
LSUlefty 1611/26 8:14 am


by OTIS2 comments12
OTIS2 1211/25 10:04 pm
Walt OReilly

FBD - Gameday

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by Kim Jong Ir comments29
Kim Jong Ir 2911/25 8:13 pm

How precise are you whenever carving a turkey for your guests?

by HoustonGumbeauxGuy comments14
HoustonGumbeauxGuy 1411/25 6:27 pm

How many of ya'll are spatchcocking your turkey this year?

(Page 1 2)
by Jax-Tiger comments31
Jax-Tiger 3111/25 11:54 am

No gravy with fried turkey

by kjntgr comments2
kjntgr 211/25 10:54 am
Gris Gris

Camille’s in Erwinville, any good?

by SomewhereDownInTX comments8
SomewhereDownInTX 811/24 10:58 pm

Best Nola restaurants to eat at bar for LSU game

by TigerRenegade comments7
TigerRenegade711/24 10:23 pm

Your food sucks: An open letter to the people of Chicago

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by runningTiger comments68
runningTiger6811/24 10:17 pm

WFDT: Leftovers

by The Dozer comments10
The Dozer 1011/24 9:58 pm
The Dozer

Help the idiot make a great Cajun style gumbo

(Page 1 2 3)
by Baylor comments48
Baylor4811/24 7:52 pm

Best places to eat in the Hammond/Ponchatoula area?

(Page 1 2)
by OKTGR580 comments37
OKTGR580 3711/24 7:49 pm

FBD - Hot Corner, Black Friday Edition!

(Page 1 2)
by AscensionTiger comments26
AscensionTiger 2611/24 6:55 pm

Black Friday pellet grill sales

by BoogaBear comments5
BoogaBear 511/24 6:05 pm
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