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When is being honest too honest? University of Illinois standout Tommy Kuhl ratted himself out after shooting a course record 62 in a US Open Qualifier, even though no one knew about the broken rule...

I got a DM on Monday from someone who said, “You should follow up on the Tommy Kuhl story; he DQ’d himself.” As I started reporting the story, I hoped I wasn’t about to dive into another cheating incident. As Kuhl shared what happened later that night, I quickly realized it was the exact opposite. I had a story about what makes golf great.

Kuhl was walking with some of his University of Illinois cohorts … and Kuhl had made it through, having just set a course record with a 10-under 62. He was on top of the world. But then teammate Jackson Buchanan mentioned how hard it had been putting on the aerated greens. “I felt sick to my stomach,” Kuhl said. “I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t tell the rules official.” Kuhl was about to DQ himself.

As soon as Buchanan made his comment, Kuhl knew he was probably done. Although the rule for fixing spike marks has been changed, the rule for fixing aeration marks has not. … Kuhl immediately sought out the rules official, explaining what he had done. Soon after, he was informed he had been disqualified. His dream of playing in the U.S. Open will have to wait at least another year. …

This is a reminder about what makes golf great: integrity, honesty and calling a penalty on yourself. This time it cost Kuhl a chance at the U.S. Open, but he will sleep well tonight.
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Geaux Guy10 months
I take at least 6 mulligans per 18 holes.
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beaverfever10 months
How do you even fix every mark in your line on an aerated green? Usually they’re everywhere. It would take forever.
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Parrish_Dawg10 months
A U.S. Open qualifier event and they are dealing with aerated greens? What the hell?
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elposter10 months
It's a dumb rule, and that is why a lot of times they put in a local rule that says you can repair aeration marks. However, if you do repair aeration marks and other players are following the rule and not repairing them, then you likely are giving yourself an advantage as you are putting without bumps/holes in your line while other players are having to deal with them.
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Cajunboy6677810 months
I know a little about golf! I have no freaking idea what an arrayed shoe is all about or whatever the hell they call it. But are you telling me this kid shot a 62 which I know this much is really freaking good, because of a damn shoe? Well shite I want to buy a shoe like that and shoot a 62 for the us freaking open! I mean really?? Come on man!!
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ALhunter10 months
Way too many downvotes. This is some quality satire assuming it is satire.
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy10 months
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jbird710 months
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ThatTahoeOverThere10 months
I played in a Special Olympics tournament Sunday and put chapstick on my driver face.
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TouchdownTony10 months
Was playing in a chamber of commerce tourney and ironically the two leaders were in my group. They were tied. One of the leaders chips in from about 30 yds and they declared him the winner. Everyone returned to clubhouse and he went to the scorers and said he thinks he turned in an inaccurate card. The rules guys got together and said they didn't see anything wrong but the guy was certain that on 7 he had taken a 6 and not a 5 as he had written down. Event the 2nd place finisher said you won. He said let's do this. Call it even and let's play the 18th again. Everybody said...ok. He lost the hole and a thousand bucks when all he had to do was keep his mouth shut but that spoke volumes for that young man.
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brett40810 months
The US Open should make an exception and let this guy play.
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KAGTASTIC10 months
2nd one of these I've heard of this week. HS coach in TN forfeited a game where the pitcher was having a no hitter because they miscounted his pitch count and they caught it on the 121st pitch. I believe it was either a playoff qualifying game or a playoff game.

Wish the other coach would have petitioned to not have the win, but not sure any different news on it.
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OchoDedos10 months
White Guy with integrity does the right thing and reports himself for violating a moronic rule. If I hadn't read it here, I never would have known.
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tygerphan10 months
USGA is full of dumb traditions and rules.
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atltiger648710 months
I'm and golfer and love the game, but these kinds of technical rules are absurd. Aeration marks are flaws in the green and should be able to be fixed. And the penalty of a DQ is FAR, FAR, FAR too severe anyway.
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sportjunkie6910 months
Ridiculous rule is frigging ridiculous. Aeration marks should always be repairable if in the line of the put. Its like an sprinkler head. Golfer didn't place it there, but gets relieve if it hinders his swing or stance.
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ChineseBandit5810 months
???? what did he do -

did he damage the green and not repair it?

did he noting damage but not repair it?

did he notice something wrong and not report it?

what the heck did he actually DO - or NOT do?

??????? :dunno:
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ChineseBandit5810 months
/\ notice damage /\
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gumbeaux10 months
I’m assuming he somehow repaired the aerated green in his putting line
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KosmoCramer10 months
Fixed the aerated green within his line.

They changed the rules that allow you to fix golf spike marks within your line, but not aeration issues.
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