Appearing on The Big Podcast with Shaq, Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green declared that the game of basketball is trying to keep its players from becoming wealthy after playing by serving them with so many fines that go into the six-digits and with taxes being as high as they...
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TeddyPadillac18 days
"The way we are taxed"
Move out of California dumb shite. They aren't taxing you any different than they are the other millionaires in that state, dumbass, and the NBA isn't "taxing" you.

"The way we are fined"
Quit acting like a piece of shite at work. You're lucky you're still employed you dumbass b/c most people that have acted the way you have at their job would have been fired.
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GeauxTigers010720 days
This dude is dumb as a sack of hammers
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hottub20 days
Yep only NBA players work hard to accumulate wealth and have to pay taxes. :eye roll:
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Koach K20 days
Surprise. You don’t own the publishing rights as a w2. Who’d have thunk it?
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mmtiger20 days
its expensive to be a dick.
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Jcorye120 days
NBA: Stop kicking people in the nuts and starting fights

Draymond: And just like that they are trying to keep me poor.
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Mr Cell Phone20 days
That is one ignorant man if not for basketball he would be doing life sentence in prison .
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Welvin gonna Welvin
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Tom Bronco21 days
Typical not taking responsibility for his actions and playing at victimhood. After all the fines (which you caused) and the taxes you still have more than most people in this country.
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Thracken1321 days
stop being a shite head to the other players and you wont get fined you fricking moron
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lsusteve121 days
Idiot & his money
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Limitlesstigers21 days
Typical mentality. "Somebody" is always out conspiring against them instead of being accountable.
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Nu Iota Prophet21 days
Can you state who “them” would be? If by them you mean Black Americans I’d ask that you not group a raise of ppl into Dramond’s thoughts and opinions.
It’s careless to do so.
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vodkacop21 days
If this guy played football I would definitely understand why he's so stupid all the concussions.
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thermal922121 days
NBA on average is the best paying job in all sports.
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CanebreakCajun21 days
On par. Always blame other people.
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chalmetteowl21 days
lol Draymond most players aren’t getting fined as much as you
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Warwick21 days
this guy is not smart. like evolution just ignored him
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atltiger648721 days
yea, it's the NBA's fault. Good grief.
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LSUbacchus8121 days
What the hell does the story about his mom taking 4 years to make a $100k have anything to do with this ?
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wmtiger6921 days
Accumulate welf?
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