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LSU (9-2) moved up one spot to No. 5 in the latest College Football Playoff rankings, which came out Tuesday evening.

The Tigers moved up after Tennesee's loss to South Carolina last week.

LSU will wrap up the regular season this upcoming Saturday at Texas A&M (6 pm CT on ESPN), followed by a trip to Atlanta for the SEC Championship vs. Georgia (3 pm CT on CBS).

College Football Playoff Rankings - Nov. 22:

1. Georgia 11-0
2. Ohio State 11-0
3. Michigan 11-0
4. TCU 11-0

5. LSU 9-2
6. USC 10-1
7. Alabama 9-2
8. Clemson 10-1
9. Oregon 9-2
10. Tennessee 9-2
11. Penn State 9-2
12. Kansas State 8-3
13. Washington 9-2
14. Utah 8-3
15. Notre Dame 8-3
16. Florida State 8-3
17. North Carolina 9-2
18. UCLA 8-3
19. Tulane 9-2
20. Ole Miss 8-3
21. Oregon State 8-3
22. UCF 8-3
23. Texas 7-4
24. Cincinnati 9-2
25. Louisville 7-4
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user avatar
Jax-Tiger15 months
10-2 Bama doesn't jump 11-1 Michigan or 11-1 TCU. LSU, at 11-2 would jump those teams because they will have won the SEC title and would be the hottest team in college football.
user avatar
75503Tiger15 months
The fact that LSU football has rebounded to this point this quickly is encouraging. We are top five and have not reachec our ceiling. They said O would not be the third consecutive coach to win a natty here and now indications are that we may have a fourth consecutive coach to win one.
user avatar
ThunderTiger15 months
I was hoping to finish in the top 25 being #5 is having your cake and eating it too. Happy Turkey Day fellow fans.
user avatar
Dickses15 months
Happy Thanksgiving LSU family!
user avatar
TNoon15 months
We’ve been gutted
user avatar
PureBlood15 months
Yall, we are at number 5 in CBK's first year and he only had 38 scholarship players when get got here. This man is going to do put us at the top and keep us there.
user avatar
Mike da Tigah15 months
Knock Knock Knocking on Playoff’s door.
user avatar
LouisianaLonghorn15 months
The fact that Bama still has a mathematical chance, however small, of getting into the CFP is ridiculous.
user avatar
CDawson15 months
Why? LSU is 5th and has the worst loss of anyone in the Top 10. Bama has lost to two very good teams.
user avatar
biglego15 months
Bama’s chance at the playoff is not small, sorry to say. Just look at who’s in front—of the top 5, four play each other.
user avatar
kjntgr15 months
The main problem BAMA has is they don’t play at all next weekend, the committee likes to jump teams who didn’t play with conf champs
user avatar
OceanMan15 months
Tennessee should be higher. They beat 2 teams ahead of them with the same record. Bs
user avatar
nofear6715 months
No way man.
user avatar
DandA15 months
Sometimes it's about WHEN they lose. Not to mention losing their starting QB, they are on a downward trajectory
user avatar
Oneforthemoney15 months
South Carolina blew out Tennessee. Btw, what is South Carolina ranked again?
user avatar
Gene Heinous15 months
But Texas is the highest ranked 4 loss out!
user avatar
YMCA15 months
Obviously LSU needs to win these next two, but what would be wonderful is to see ND actually help BK/LSU out by beating USC and getting them off our back and out of the conversation.
user avatar
1 Call15 months
LSU don't need anyone to do anything. LSU needs to win. PERIOD!!
user avatar
LSU_Legz15 months
Just. Keep. Winning.
user avatar
TBoy15 months
Just keep winning.
user avatar
TKLSUMD15 months
If we continue to win, we are in the playoff.
user avatar
Spankum15 months
10-1 LSU is ranked below 9-2 LSU….this is a bogus poll!
user avatar
southsidedell15 months
Bruh what
user avatar
cypresstiger15 months
Spankum needs to lay off the sauce
user avatar
Spankum15 months
There was a typo just as they updated…they had LSU listed in place of USC!
user avatar
MSTiger3315 months
Hell yeah, USC isn’t even ranked.
user avatar
Da Joker15 months
5th and 6th, that's impressive
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