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Here are the first initial College Football Playoff rankings which were released on Tuesday night.

College Football Playoff Rankings, Nov. 2:
1. Georgia 8-0
2. Alabama 7-1
3. Michigan State 8-0
4. Oregon 7-1

5. Ohio State 7-1
6. Cincinnati 8-0
7. Michigan 7-1
8. Oklahoma 9-0
9. Wake Forest 8-0
10. Notre Dame 7-1
11. Oklahoma State 7-1
12. Baylor 7-1
13. Auburn 6-2
14. Texas A&M 6-2
15. BYU 7-2
16. Mississippi 6-2
17. Mississippi State 5-3
18. Kentucky 6-2
19. NC State 6-2
20. Minnesota 6-3
21. Wisconsin 6-2
22. Iowa 6-2
23. Fresno State 7-2
24. San Diego State 7-1
25. Pittsburgh 6-2
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user avatar
rsylve32 months
No LSU? List is shite.
user avatar
Quatre Pot32 months
At this point, why have a season at all??? Every year, regardless of on field performance, we have the same handful of teams competing for the CFP. Let’s be honest, if OSU had the exact record as MSU and the best RB in the country they would be #1 by a wide margin. Bama loses to the sisters of the poor and is at 2??? Screw this system. CFB is a dying horse
user avatar
RockChalkTiger32 months
CFB is a joke and a farce. Payers getting paid. Matchups manipulated for ratings. Even E$PN can see it: LINK
user avatar
tigerpawl32 months
So the #2 team (Cincinnati) is really the #6 team? I'm confused...
user avatar
RockChalkTiger32 months
All rigged for ratings. Has nothing to do with how good teams are and everything to do with how many eyeballs they will pull.
user avatar
Zzyzx32 months
How in the hell is MSST 17 hahaha. These rankings are insane
user avatar
BabyTac32 months
Bama being in and Michigan being out makes zero sense. Why I could give two shits about college football. It’s all a booster racket.
user avatar
creeper32 months
Where's USL?
user avatar
Ragin Tiger132 months
Who’s USL?
user avatar
HerkFlyer32 months
In Lafayette, where they belong.
user avatar
Babboo32 months
LSU beat MSU and almost beat Auburn ! Where’s the love?!? Not to brag, but we also ran for like 200 yards on UK!
user avatar
dgnx632 months
Should be ranked on the present. Bama lost to a shite team. Other teams haven’t.
user avatar
damonster32 months
As bad as I hate the Gumps, if it’s about getting the best 4 teams in the playoff then it’s hard to leave them out. I do believe Cincinnati should have been there over either Oregon or MSU.
user avatar
Picayuner32 months
I saw Cincinnati Saturday at Tulane. They’re not that good. LSU would beat them
user avatar
Quatre Pot32 months
Yeah but what proof do we have that BAMA is one of the best teams?? If not on field performance (W-L) then what’s the proof
user avatar
Volt32 months
I agree. Cincinnati look bad against 1-6 Tulane with only 351 yards and barely beat 1-5 Navy with only 271 yards (which was less than Navy's 308. Not impressed at all by Cincinnati.
user avatar
mcpotiger32 months
Ok and Cincinnati getting screwed. Typical Bama bias.
user avatar
TKLSUMD32 months
Bama is too high.
user avatar
TerryDawg0332 months
Wouldn’t be the Alabama Invitational without Alabama.
user avatar
jbird732 months
Seriously. Why do we bother playing a regular season if we’re just going to put teams in the playoff based on talent instead of what they do on the field. Cincinnati deserves to be in the top 4 over them at the moment. Bama wins out then they should be there but it’s bull shite they reward em regardless how they look during the seasons.
user avatar
Richard Headley32 months
Just get the #1 ranked recruiting classes for 4 straight seasons so we can be most talented team and get in every season approach to football. Seriously this is what it has become.
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