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re: Custom Cutting Board

Posted by damonster on 3/16/24 at 2:42 pm
[quote]Rosewood Blocks are awesome. They are expensive though[/quote] Those are beautiful! Looks like something I need. Are they very difficult to keep in good shape? Do they take a little time to care for them? These 2 are going to be just starting their careers and will be going in all kinds of...

re: Custom Cutting Board

Posted by damonster on 3/16/24 at 11:27 am
Thanks, I’ll check them out. I don’t know a whole lot about stuff like that. Just thought it would look kind of cool instead of just a plain cutting board....

Custom Cutting Board

Posted by damonster on 3/16/24 at 9:47 am
My son is getting married and looking to buy a house. We were looking at their registry and other than a honeymoon fund, it is mostly full of house stuff(glasses, knives, sheets, etc). They did have one of those wooden checker designed cutting boards listed. I had the idea of trying to find one that...
I don’t want to hijack this thread but, I was about to start a thread when I saw this one. I have a TC5 model washer that I bought in June 2019. I made a warranty claim about a year after we got the washer because it would beep at random intervals even when the machine was not on. I’m not exactly su...

re: Pipes Freezing in attic

Posted by damonster on 1/11/24 at 7:55 pm
I’ve got a rain head shower in our upstairs shower where the waterline is run in the attic. Would running the water through the rain head be sufficient to keep from freezing?...
March 2021 we went to St. John for a week. It was absolutely the best trip that either of us had ever been on. ...

re: Start Sit Week 16 Playoffs

Posted by damonster on 12/24/23 at 9:48 am
Need to start 2 at RB 1/2 PPR White Mostert Walker Swift...

re: Looking for OSU or UK Gym Tix

Posted by damonster on 12/19/23 at 3:56 pm
[quote]I've got 3 seats in Section 325, Row C on the aisle for these two meets. Let me know if interested[/quote] I appreciate the offer and I’ll definitely keep it in mind. We would prefer to be a little lower. It’s 3 of us but we usually try to get 5 tickets so that my son and daughter in law can...

re: Looking for OSU or UK Gym Tix

Posted by damonster on 12/19/23 at 3:52 pm
[quote]If you wanted 200 level, you should have just bought season tickets. I think I payed maybe $50 for mine[/quote] I know and eventually we’ll get there. Problem is my daughter has gym meets and we never really know what day of the weekend she’ll actually be competing until a couple weeks out....

re: Start/Sit

Posted by damonster on 12/17/23 at 10:03 am
Superflex 0.5 PPR Been starting Stroud and Howell but need to decide who to start after Stroud’s injury. Levis vs Hou Swift vs Sea Ken Walker vs Phi Also have DeVito, Flacco, or Wilson that I could pick up. Kind of down to Levis or Swift with Swift with the higher projection. Season is on t...

re: Start/Sit

Posted by damonster on 12/17/23 at 9:51 am
0.5 PPR Who you got? Goedert vs Sea Taysom vs NYG...

re: Getting from St Thomas to St John

Posted by damonster on 12/17/23 at 9:09 am
[link=(https://discountcar.vi/)]Discount Car Rental-St. Thomas[/link] I know most people prefer to rent on St. John but the last time we were there we couldn’t find anything on St. John so we took the car ferry instead. We used this company and they were quick and easy. Had a 4 door jeep with lik...

re: Taysom or Goedert 0.5 PPR

Posted by damonster on 12/17/23 at 9:04 am
Who would yall start here?...