Florida defensive lineman Michai Boireau spent two nights in jail this weekend after he was arrested
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Florida defensive lineman Michai Boireau spent two nights in jail this weekend after he was arrested for speeding. The incoming freshman, was charged with fleeing deputies at speeds in excess of 150 miles per hour and causing serious injury with a vehicle...

According to a police report obtained by the Monroe County Reporter, Boireau drove at 86 miles per hour when police noticed him.

After flashing their lights toward his car, the report says that the defensive lineman sped up to over 150 miles per hour.

Boireau was later released from custody on a $60,000 bond, according to GatorsOnline.

Police say that Boireau drove into a Chevy Malibu at the median, injuring the driver. When authorities caught up to him, he said that he was driving back to school and that he fled from police because he was driving on a suspended license.

“Boireau drove recklessly, radically changing lanes and driving through traffic at speeds of more than 100 mph, passing vehicles on the shoulder," read the police report.
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user avatar
ChineseBandit5818 days
user avatar
clamdip18 days
He done fledded.
user avatar
The Torch18 days
150 miles per hour. Gosh Damn what was the boy driving a jet car or somethin
user avatar
southernboisb19 days
How long until somebody try to spin it against UGA?
user avatar
southernboisb19 days
Mission already accomplished.
user avatar
Ole Tennessee20 days
Respeck my decision.
user avatar
PeleofAnalytics20 days
Did he hit a man or the car a man was in? Cause if you hit a human being at 150 mph, they turn into a pile of meat with red sauce.

Larry, if you hit a school bus with 30 1st graders in it , would the headline be “Larry Leo hits 30 1st graders with his car”?
user avatar
WhoDatNC21 days
and you tell me this kid really got into UF? Good thing for football.....
user avatar
24chevrolet4822 days
That's what you get when you give a car that can go 150 mph to a Clown
user avatar
oldtrucker22 days
Can't fix stupid
user avatar
IceTea2022 days
Monroe County?? He was just trying to keep up with the flow of traffic.
user avatar
"He was just trying to keep up with the flow of traffic"

This couldn't have taken place on I-75. It's always a parking lot.

Anyone know where he was speeding?
user avatar
Tiger T Rog22 days
O shite now they can all afford hell catz
user avatar
oleheat22 days
A Florida D-Lineman....Word is one of the cops sidestepped him and took it 85 yards to the house.
user avatar
Woodman22 days
He's only a three star. Must have felt the need to get more attention from the coaches.
user avatar
tokenBoiler22 days
Whatever happened to the Fulmer Cup?
user avatar
SEC speed
user avatar
bigDgator22 days
Take that Georgia
user avatar
Randolphre22 days
All I see is a d-lineman who can move fast and has an aggressive streak...should we?
user avatar
Tasseo22 days
I wonder if the collective and coach can sue this kid for now not living up to his part of the agreement due to being in jail, so they can balance out the other suit.

Opening Pandoras box always wins.
user avatar
sml7122 days
LOL @ "fleed".
user avatar
Russianblue21 days
came here for this and this only. smh,
user avatar
TigerCoon20 days
fleed is a new one on me
user avatar
xGeauxLSUx22 days
UF gonna UF
user avatar
Jorts R Us22 days
Fleed? LSU gonna LSU
user avatar
Tigerinthewoods22 days
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