Maria Sharapova Hits The Beaches Of Italy After Wimbledon Loss
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
If you're gonna lose early at Wimbledon you forget the loss by hitting the beach in Italy, like Maria Sharapova did...
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Stexas59 months
The pictures posted on twitter are creep, reposting them on a website is creepy on another level.
user avatar
CHEDBALLZ59 months
She must have forgot to pack her titties.
user avatar
HarryBalzack59 months
Didn't realize her breasticles were so small. Sad.
user avatar
Gatorbait200859 months
I honestly don't understand why she is pushed as hot by so many...the girl is decent..I mean most of us would hit it but I highly doubt many guys chase after her drooling.
user avatar
SoFla Tideroller59 months
Thought she would look a lot better
user avatar
hombreman959 months
So she got a bit older, has spent too much time in the sun and is in bad need of a pair of bolt ons. All of you bastards know you would still wait in line to hit it.
user avatar
The Pirate King59 months
Did she get a breast reduction?
user avatar
The Boat59 months
This is fricking sad, Larry
user avatar
Broadside Bob59 months
Give me Lolo instead.
user avatar
jmarto159 months
I'd take that home. Low chance of babooshka, money, fame
user avatar
tketaco59 months
Looks like dog shite
user avatar
Fat Bastard59 months
your boyfriend looks better huh?
user avatar
Insideradvantage59 months
Looks better in her tennis costume.
user avatar
bamagreycoat59 months
Sharapova needs to retire from tennis and go be a model or actress.
user avatar
Leopold59 months
Is that even her?
user avatar
El Magnifico59 months
Whole lotta meh right there
user avatar
idlewatcher59 months
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