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What's your shortest job experience and why? Mine was 4.5 hours.

1990's, I take my first job at a veterinarians office. I'm 16. Supposed to wash and walk puppies and pick up shit, no problem.

About 4 hours in Cujo shows up suspected of rabbies, taller than me on his hind legs. All the women decide I'm the starting linebacker for the NY Giants since I'm the only guy there.

I said goodbye to that 8 bucks an hour on the spot and went and got high with my friends.

Don't know if anyone died.

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I worked a week with service air in Phoenix off loading planes for $7.00 a hr. I asked what the next promotion was and they said I’d get $7.25 a hr to push the planes back with the cart

I quit and got a call for the company I’ve been with for 20 years last week. The HR a manager said we wouldn’t even make it a week and had a stack of apps that had quit that was thick as a phone book.
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I said goodbye to that 8 bucks an hour

rookie numbers

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Got a job kinda out of the blue from this ol gal one time. lasted about a minute, minute and a half maybe.

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I made it a week at a telemarketing firm - worst week of my life.

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I said goodbye to that 8 bucks an hour


I'm 16



That’s pretty damn good pay for a 16 year old in the 1990s. I mighta let Cujo have a go.
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About 25 years ago, I worked one night in a steel mill. Not all jobs are all people...and that one definitley wasn't for me. The guy training me almost died right in front of me. And when I ate lunch at 3 AM (by myself out in the yard) there was a series of gunshots across the street. That was the icing on the cake. Clocked out, went home, and never went back.

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About 30 seconds. She was good at her job

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I worked for a veterinarian in HS and we had this hollow metal tube with a rope that went down to a noose so you could get it around the dogs neck and keep him away from you. Probably couldn't use that thing today. But cats were the worst, I still have scars from those bastards.

My shortest stint is doing landscape maintenance in college during the summer. I lasted 2 weeks and realized I could make more money delivering pizzas and not have to work nearly as hard.
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About 13 months. First job out of college and never had "real job" until after college

I can't stand the job hunting process so I'm never in a big rush to hop around like some people

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Summer of 03 Sunbelt plastics in Monroe… first break

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About ten hours. Worked a landscaping job one summer…well one day of one summer.

The first 8 hours were grueling but expected since it was landscaping in Alabama. Then we were instructed to finish the day at a different job site and to not expect overtime pay. We got bitched at the entire time because the supervisor was late in meeting a deadline. So we had to rush to plant these bushes on the side of a hill. I apparently planted a few wrong and got called something like “you dumb motherfricking retard. You’re a big frick up, aren’t you? You fricking stupid piece of shite.”

I decided to not go back the next day.
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Started summer of '93 ready to work. Got 2 part time jobs one foxy's club in pool area and domino's pizza next door in BR. Making pizza started first lasted all of 45mins told arab dude shove it. Couple days later started poolboy life, my fallback plan, 30 mins into that I said frick it clocked out and left when manager stepped away. Led to a damn good summer before senior year started. I refused to do bitch work or be anyones bitch from that moment in life. Been successfully self employed ever since.

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I served draft beer at a concert one time- somebody fricked up the keg and there was head everywhere. The never called back, and that was ok with me since I didn’t even have an ABO card yet

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3 days at bear cutlery in jvile AL. " since you dont have experience we have to start you at $5.25 but based on how you do, thats how much we will raise you."

Two mercedes parked out front daily because the owner and wife just had to drive seperately.

Even wearing mask i still had a bloody nose from all the metal particles.

Knew a guy from school who worked there. Was bragging about how he was basically second in command. I asked how much he made and he said $8/hour. I quit with no notice

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I lasted 2 days at Dominos.

This was in college, I got hired to be a delivery driver. I previously delivered for pizza hut, and that job was absolutely gravy. All I did was deliver pizzas, I never had to do any work inside the store, aside from occasionally sweeping the floor while a pizza is in the oven.

Well Domino's was different. They wanted all the drivers to "graduate" to driving. So they had me making the pizzas, placing them in oven, taking out the oven, cutting and boxing the pizza, answering phone calls, dealing with customers walking in, etc.

That was way too much stress and work to deal with for $7.25. So I quit and never went back.

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Negative 24 hours. Back in the 80’s applied for job at Winn Dixie in Walker. Dude said I had the job and could start the next day as long as I cut my hair. Told him ok but I never showed up.

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3 days at bear cutlery in jvile AL. " since you dont have experience we have to start you at $5.25 but based on how you do, thats how much we will raise you."

What high school did you go to?

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I was a hot tar roofer once.

I remember that... day.

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Oh boy. I need to get to a full keyboard for these tales. Sadly, mine run the gamut from teen to adult. I’ve had some short stints. I was a horrible drunk and an aspie so those issues contributed a lot. I’ll be back with some of my more epic job fails. Cheers

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