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nine inch nails - Saenger Theatre New Orleans

by LSU$$$
LSU$$$ 115/24 4:42 pm

Why does religious music, from a technical perspective, suck?

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by theunknownknight
theunknownknight 215/24 4:29 pm
Midget Death Squad

Dave Matthews Band June 8th new album *Come Tomorrow*

by olddawg26
olddawg26 65/24 12:32 pm

Song lyrics u mistook in your youth

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by PiscesTiger
PiscesTiger 895/24 11:02 am

Watching the R&R HOF Induction Bon Jovi part

by FourThreeForty
FourThreeForty 25/23 11:02 pm

Any Foo Fighter fans?

by Wtodd
Wtodd 175/24 2:15 pm

Bonnaroo Roll Call

by SheaForHeisman
SheaForHeisman 55/24 1:51 pm


by The Boat
The Boat 65/23 3:24 pm

Covers better than the original

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by The Boat
The Boat 355/24 4:32 pm

Bad songs that you’re a bit ashamed to love

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by Averytiger
Averytiger 455/23 4:41 pm
Duane Dibbley

Underrated TOOL songs?

by TDcline
TDcline 115/24 10:34 am

Is one of the MB’s favorite bands, Greta Van Fleet, too much of a carbon copy of LZ?

by GCTiger11
GCTiger11 185/23 9:59 am
vandelay industries

Classic Fleetwood Mac from the 1960's

by Tchefuncte Tiger
Tchefuncte Tiger75/23 11:24 pm
Zappas Stache

Criminally underrated bands

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by LSUbase13
LSUbase13 285/23 1:36 pm

Hangout Lamar controversy

by yallgood
yallgood45/22 9:39 am

How much do you pay attention to the lyrics in music and how important are they to you?

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by CBandits82
CBandits82385/23 10:13 am
vandelay industries

The Midnight - Endless Summer

by Mr Personality
Mr Personality 15/22 3:06 pm

90s/2000s guilty pleasures

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by dallastiger55
dallastiger55 485/24 6:39 am

Concert etiquette

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by NorthTiger
NorthTiger 475/24 8:04 am

What bands do you forget about and keep falling in love with over and over?

by The Dunder Mifflin
The Dunder Mifflin 75/22 10:10 am

The Hooters

by Tigertown in ATL
Tigertown in ATL 15/21 1:52 pm
Ace Midnight

Pink Floyd’s drummer Nick Mason got a band together to play some old stuff

by LSU Wayne
LSU Wayne 65/22 6:37 am

Greatest opening 3 songs to albums?

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by hrryhll
hrryhll535/24 6:52 am

Which bands need to stop touring

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by tigers1956
tigers1956 225/22 7:41 pm

Orpheum NOLA

by LSUrme
LSUrme 65/19 1:26 pm
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