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re: Did anyone else have a "Campus Job" while at LSU? Do they still have them?

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Posted by Gings5
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What years were you at LSU?
Posted by TBoy@LSU
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Was an RA in Hatcher Hall for one year. Hated it.
Posted by OzChuffnugg
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UREC turf maintenance and groundskeeping. Painted all the foul lines for the softball games, rugby, flag football etc. Spent many hours cutting grass and weed eating too.
Posted by jcollins9
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I worked a semester of my freshman year in the Hatcher Cafeteria. I basically did busy work. Lived in Hatcher, also.
Posted by Petroleum Adam
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I had two different on campus jobs in 2014/2015, both provided through my scholarship. The first was in a computer lab in Patrick F. Taylor. My official duties were "sit in this lab for a few hours and make sure nobody walks out with the computers / pick up any trash on the floors before you leave" Pretty cushy. Easiest money I've ever made. I ended up losing this job because I dropped my 5 hour calculus 1 course, which meant I was no longer enrolled in enough credits to be classified as a full time student.

My second on campus job was as a research assistant for a grad student pursuing his PHD in environmental engineering. We were working on finding a material that could be used to build a barrier to save the Louisiana coastline without harming the ocean. My job mostly included performing chemical tests on the composition of samples that came back from the field. Occasionally I was tasked to building various contraptions to aid in the experiment.

Both jobs were very easygoing and flexible in terms of scheduling, with a cap at 20 hours per week. Both jobs paid 7.25/hr - minimum wage at the time.
Posted by BRich
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Officiated basketball games and umpired softball games in the intramural leagues - paid $4.00 / game. Hourly rate for other campus jobs was less than a dollar.

In my junior year, I officiated intramural soccer games -- for one night. The first game with a couple of frat teams playing was easy, but the last two with a bunch of foreign/Hispanic student teams was brutal. They acted like babies: flopped, whined, claimed a ball didn't go in the net, and eventually after the last game ended those two teams got in a bit of a fight-- not really a brawl, but a lot of shoving and pushing and yelling. I quit after that; not worth it.

A better job was my senior year when I was a general student worker at LSU Press, which at that time took up most of the 2nd floor (and some of the 1st floor) of the French House. Just general stuff; moving lots of books, cleaning up, filing, copying, emptying trash, running errands, etc. Nothing big. Usually worked a couple of hours a day for 3-4 days a week. Just enough for gas /weekend going out/pocket money.

It was cool to work there at that time; LSU Press was on a roll-- they had published the Pulitzer Prize-winning A Confederacy of Dunces a few years earlier in 1981, and while I was there in 1986 they got their second Pulitzer with The Flying Change, a book of poetry by Henry Taylor. There were several days when I'd go to work and there was a party or author-hosting event and I wouldn't actually have to work but just get to hang out and mingle with the editors and staff at those events.
Posted by whichyalnoaboutseven
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I worked at the Union pool hall in 2009
Posted by Louie
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I worked at Pleasant Hall in the continuing education department from 1994-99. Best campus job ever! Set up computers. Drove the cars to various locations off campus to set up workshops. Got minimum wage, but it was a great job. Helped with any extras I needed.
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Posted by komodo
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worked at UREC in 98. Master P and No Limit dominated courts.
Posted by sstig
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In the mid '70s I worked in the listening room in the bowels
of the Library, Music majors would come in, reserve a booth and request music albums that I would put on the turn tables for their assignments. I also had control over the music that was played all over campus "elevator music". My boss would leave me a playlist every night before he departed for the evening. When I was sure he was off campus I would put on albums I liked rather than the boring selections he selected. Jimi Hendricks, The Byrds, The Animals, The Beatles etc. were played with regularity. After several weeks, my boss called me in and said he knew that I was deviating from his list. People had called him.
They called to thank him for changing the format from boring music to more popular selections they were enjoying. From then on until I graduated, he let me pick the albums played from 6-9 m-f. Good times!!
Posted by honeybadger07
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Worked at the PERTT lab, or "well facility" we called it.

Was great for gaining experience in the oilfield and building a network as many service companies did research out there for various things.
Posted by Lige
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I did. Chemical Engineering and Audubon Sugar.
Posted by 777Tiger
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Got paid $800/mo. tax free to be an IM supervisor in the 70s, that was big money back then, plus it was a fun job
Posted by mdomingue
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They still have them. My kids did or do work in on-campus jobs.
Posted by Havoc
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Worked for the LSU Fireman Training program for a couple semesters.

The best part was when I would got to take the department car

This. To bring and pickup mail all over campus. Would swing by the house for lunch, drop people off for class, and brief gf visits. But not overboard.
Posted by That One
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Peabody Hall...College of Education computer labs. I had a free parking space, a nice office (always had beer), keys to the building, a scholarship, and $900/month in my pocket. Trust me, I never wanted to graduate!
Posted by TxWampus
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Late 2000's; Had student work Foreign Language Lab (~$15/HR for 20HRs/Wk) and then Grad Assistant which paid for Grad School tuition and provided about $1,200 bi-weekly pocket money.
Posted by BMoney
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I had one in the late 90's in accounting department

I worked in the Travel office in Thomas Boyd from 94-98.

It was interesting then to see all the expense reports.

At that time LSU was responsible for paying all the officials and umpires. We had to make sure all the checks were cut in advance of the games. If memory serves, football officials got about $1,200/game plus lodging, meal per diem and travel. Baseball umpires got $100/game plus mileage (most of them were local) and a meal per diem.

We'd also have to cut the checks for the team hotels, airlines and meal per diems.

Ditto for reimbursing coaches for recruiting trips.

I'm sure all of that stuff is a lot different now.
Posted by Triggerbait
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I was at LSU in the mid-70s and worked in the cafeteria as a server in Broussard Hall. No pay but got to eat at the Athletic Dorm all 3 meals, 7 days a week. Just had to work 1 meal each day. As you would expect, the food was really good. Got to know a lot of the athletes.
Posted by tigersbh
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I worked in a lab in the chemical engineering department, on South Stadium. I didn’t have to do much so I mostly just watched out the window at all the coeds walking to and from class.
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