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re: Did anyone else have a "Campus Job" while at LSU? Do they still have them?

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Posted by MardiGras73
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Early-mid 90s I worked in the art department's "shop" where they would do metal or wood working projects. My boss was Skip and he was the best. I did lots of studying on that job and swept a few pounds of sawdust as well. I hope Skip is doing well and enjoying his motorcycles.
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I worked in the computer lab (all Apple) in the English department and then LSU Short Courses taking registrations.
Posted by MardiGras73
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Were you ever a part of the group that gave college tours? My wife gave tours out of Pleasant and also mailed recruitment envelopes from there.
Posted by jmaclsu
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I worked in the EDAF department in 87-90. Sweet job. Clocked in and went to Gattis to watch Days of Our Lives on the big screen TV for lunch. $1.99 AYCE
Posted by LSU9102
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worked at UREC in 98. Master P and No Limit dominated courts.

I almost got in fight with one of them and probably went to you to get ‘em off the court.

I knew they weren’t students.
Ya heard me.
Posted by furrydogs
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Posted on 11/15/22 at 4:05 pm to
Worked at the LSU golf course in early 90's. Pretty sweet gig with free golf and basically shooting the breeze with staff and customers.
Posted by Tigershine
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Hey Oz, when Miles was there I guess you didn't have to cut the grass as often?
Posted by ThatMakesSense
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Worked for the LSU Foundation, cold calling alumni asking for donations. Wasn’t bad. After 2 years they made me a manager and I just sat there, studying, watching people make phone calls. Had a key to the building which was tucked away a bit near the nuclear science building. Perfect bathroom spot for tailgating.
Posted by BoCoTiger
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Delivered campus mail for Chancellor Wharton and Charlie Roberts.

The original "sneaker-net". I had a student job delivering mail between CEBA (Engineering) and the Chancellor's office from 1982 - 86. There were no computers/network/email. The summers were the worst (heat), but I got paid $3-5/hour. There was a dairy somewhere on campus that had soft-serve ice cream; that was a must-stop on 98-deg days.

Regarding the stadium dorms, my dad lived there 1940ish. Said they had to leave campus on the home game weekends.
Posted by PBJ
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Early 80's worked on the golf course. Watered the football practice fields at night and got to trim all the Ligustrum hedges at all the athletic facilities including Tiger Stadium.

There were Portojohns on the practice fields. Anytime we had a new worker, they would typically use the portojohn. We would ram the portojohn with a utility golf cart and knock the portojohn over!

A lot of great memories with that job
Posted by swampgrizzly
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Ole timer here: I worked in the library primarily as a book shelver. It was a bit of a challenging era for the library in 1965/66. It was converting from the Dewey Decimal cataloging system to the Library of Congress cataloging system. Approximately 1/3rd of the books were under the Lib. of Congress system with the other 2/3rds still under the old Dewey Decimal system. There was no computerized catalog/searching system. There were trays upon trays of 3 X 5 index cards that served as a card catalog indexing searching function (no Google or any other search computerized software). There was even a one hour credit course that was required for all freshmen called "Books and Berries" to teach students how to use the library in the transition era.

I would occassionaly encounter students making out or even engaged in sex between the stacks toward the rear of the library while shelving returned books. I would get quizzed and criticised by the libarian if I returned with my cart having some unshelved books. So, I would leave the students to their personal research and purposely misshelve the books that should have been placed in the stacks where they were enjoying themselves! Often on my next shift at work I would be able to find the purposely misshelved books and move them to their proper place.

I found better paying parttime jobs off campus the following 3 years.

Posted by LsuNav
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I worked for the Geological Survey and the Blowout School. Fun times and the closest I got to being a PetE
Posted by crazy4lsu
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I was responsible for making all the gloryholes around campus. Sean O'Keefe paid me himself.
Posted by A1A
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I worked in the College of Engineering some and also the college of Ag. Planted sweet potatoes all over louisiana and also shredded old files and took LSU trucks to get car washes and oil changes. It was freaking sweet.
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Misappropriation of Assets

Yes, Mr Blutarsky did misappropriate his assets. Well done Blu
Posted by NorthSider72
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...required for all freshmen called "Books and Berries"...

Freshman in 1967. Almost flunked that class. As an aero engineering major I didn't spend a whole lot of time in the library. In retrospect, maybe I should have.
Posted by Tomball Tiger 2
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I was an RA at Kirby Smith but had to work as a DA (desk assistant) my first semester before m”moving up” to RA. Good spending money but hated when I was “on call” on football home game nights.0
Posted by Cheesy Beaver
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Working for the department of finance was the easiest money I ever made. Getting paid to study and post on TD
Posted by SkierGuy
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Worked as a waiter at the restaurant on 3rd floor of the Union one summer. Place was basically dead other than a few professors so money sucked, but we did get to ravage whatever food was left at end of our shift.
Posted by Tiger Ugly
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Yes I worked in Hatcher Cafeteria my freshman year and the library Government Documents down in the basement later on...literally maybe 5 people a day came down there.
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