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re: Did anyone else have a "Campus Job" while at LSU? Do they still have them?

Posted on 11/16/22 at 6:44 am to
Posted by Recoveringcajun
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Not on campus, but I was an overnight USS KIDD tour guide while in school. School/church/scout groups would pay to spend the night on board and I was just there to babysit. They’d all be below deck by 10 bunked down for the night and I’d just hang out too side and study or watch the barges go up and down the river all night.

That and getting paid to go to football games as a member of Tiger Band.

Best jobs I ever had (just not high paying).
Posted by LSshoe
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I worked in the Frey building where the main campus datacenter and NOC was. Got to see super-Mike the supercomputer (didn't actually deal with that) and this Tivoli backup tape robot (did deal with that). The tape robot was part of a room about the size of a large suv full of tapes and the robot would just automatically scoot around and shuffle the tapes used to store backups of various systems on campus. Pretty cool to just watch it do its thing.

The job mostly consisted of doing homework and going on TD (it's when/where I found this site). Occasionally I did some legitimate work. My boss would basically just ask me what my hours were going to be at the beginning of each semester. They were not at all enforced. I'd just clock in between classes make a few bucks clock out and go back to class. It was s good gig and got paid a few bucks over minimum wage.
Posted by chilidog
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Hatcher cafeteria. Lived in Hatcher dorm. 1980 - 1985.
Posted by litenin
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I had several jobs while attending LSU in late 90’s. The only campus one was for about 6 months in the Union Theater.

I mostly directed people to the restrooms since it was dark. Lots of little girl dance recitals. Easiest job I ever had. Would help carry heavy stuff from time to time. Shortly after I left, heard they played the original Matrix movie every night for months or something like that.
Posted by biglego
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I was a lifeguard in the late 90s. Really cool job.
Posted by SteveLSU35
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I worked in the Coastal Studies Department. It was pretty awesome. Ran mail and carried boxes or sediments around for the professors. 2001-03
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Posted by Chili Mac
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I'll be telling you my age now but I started working at the LSU Union Bookstore during the summer when I was in the 10th grade in high school ($1.65 per hour). I stayed there throughout high school and, when I started at LSU, I worked there around my classes until I graduated. Unbelievable job for the convenience. I guess I need to check to see if I can apply for a retirement, LOL!!!!!
Posted by Treefrog3208
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I worked for the Reveille back in 03-04 as an aspiring photo-journalist. Our rate was $5.15 per hour which I think was the standard student worker rate at the time. Anybody???
The paper paid slightly different…
- 1 submitted article = 3 hrs
- 1 submitted article with a snap (that made the print) = 5 hrs
Wonder what it is now???
Posted by Cactus Tiger
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I had one in the late 90's in accounting department and got paid $5.25. Part of my duties were to scan documents in Microfiche and notate breaks in the documents. The best part was when I would got to take the department car and bring boxes to storage which happened to be in the old tiger stadium dorms. I had keys to get in and once you were in there you could wander through the whole stadium. Some of the dorms looked like people moved out in a hurry...they left all kinds of personal items like pictures, text books, notebooks, clothes, test papers etc. After burning a few hours wandering in tiger stadium I'd drive around campus and find buddies that were going to or from class and pick them up and drive around campus in the campus car and harass chicks. Those were the good old days.

I worked in the accounting dept in 1990. Sounds like you did the exact same thing I did. Used to take that car to some archives building on Essen. Also got to go in the old stadium dorms. Drive around and waste time.
Posted by Treefrog3208
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I worked as an aspiring photo-journalist for the Reveille back 2002-2003.
I think student workers were paid $5.15 our back then, not sure.
The paper paid a little different
Posted by tgrfan87
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I was at LSU from 84-87. I worked at the union bookstore mainly stocking and then later worked in Graduate admissions office. I lived off campus but had the meal plan since I was on campus almost all day most days.
Posted by Palm Beach Tiger
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96 and 97 I worked in the pmac. Dale brown’s last year and Brady’s first in
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