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re: Did anyone else have a "Campus Job" while at LSU? Do they still have them?

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Posted by TigerMike58
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I’m the mid-80’s, I worked at the LSU Bakery in the building just west of CEBA (P. Taylor). The building housed the central bakery, butcher, and huge walk/drive-in (fork lifts) freezer for all the cafeterias on campus. I was mainly maintenance/dish washer, but occasionally I got to help make product which was more fun. That building is some kinda lab now.

The best task I had was helping to renovate the Broussard Hall cafeteria one summer. This was while it was still the Athletic Dorm.
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Posted by Hester Carries
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The best part was when I would got to take the department car and bring boxes to storage which happened to be in the old tiger stadium dorms. I had keys to get in and once you were in there you could wander through the whole stadium. Some of the dorms looked like people moved out in a hurry...they left all kinds of personal items like pictures, text books, notebooks, clothes, test papers etc. After burning a few hours wandering in tiger stadium I'd drive around campus and find buddies that were going to or from class and pick them up and drive around campus in the campus car and harass chicks. Those were the good old days.

I worked for the sports shop and we used the dorms for storage.

Loootttttta homeless activity. Kinda spooky. You’d walk around the curved hallway on a random floor and poke your head into an old room and it would be FILLED with empty 40s and gay porn and shite. Talk about an immediate “GTFO” signal
Posted by Tiger 1964
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In the early 60's I worked as a parking director for football games at Tiger stadium. I've forgotten what the pay was.
Posted by slaphappy
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Worked in Union Theater and Assembly Center in 1975-76. Rolling Stones launched world tour and was a stage hand. Cool gig.
Posted by Jim Rockford
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One of my buddies had a job taking care of Rhesus monkeys in the zoology department. They would shite in their hand and throw it at him.
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Posted by tiger789
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One of my buddies had a job taking care of Rhesus monkeys in the zoology department. They would shite in their hand and throw it at him.

also known as rhesus pieces
Posted by CajunInFL
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Posted on 11/15/22 at 11:42 am to
I also worked in the accounting office at T Boyd. My job sucked, I worked the entire time and had no chance to goof off. My boss was also a lunatic.
Posted by La Squared
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Worked in the Agronomy department for a year and then worked in the union at the bowling alley/arcade for a couple years. Late 90’s.
Posted by Gutsandbutts
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Lifeguard at the old Huey pool and Rec center. Excellent job.
Posted by TexasTiger89
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Can't remember the department name but I was a camera man. We made a driver safety film for the Exxon refinery and one other safety film for another local business. Our boss would send us outside to practice our camera work and we would set up in the quad and film girls walking through. Was the easiest job I ever had.
Posted by Tigershat
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I worked front desk at Pleasant Hall, the on-campus hotel at the time, in the early 90's. Great college job.
Posted by red sox fan 13
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Worked in Athletic Facilities, mostly Tiger Stadium but also Football Ops, PMAC, Maddox Field House, etc. Some of the shite in the bowels of TS y'all would never believe. So many weird quirks. And the stuff you said about the dorms is accurate, really creepy to be in there. They store all the old box TVs in there now (unless they moved them for some reason)
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Posted by Nitrogen
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It’s called Work Study now, had one through my 4 years. Shitty pay but a buck is a buck as a full time student
Posted by TheDeathValley
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I worked at the UREC for 4 years

Customer Service, Lifeguard, Official, and then eventually a supervisor.

Loved it, best job I have ever had.
Posted by Thecoz
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Worked at forestry dept testing soil.
Worked as RA and also front desk night shift at Kirby ( yeah I have some stories)

And as other thread ….. sold plasma twice a week for three years.. still have the entry scar…

Posted by Ty Gus
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I worked the night shift in Middleton 20 years ago. Mostly studied but some interesting stuff goes down in the library late at night....
Posted by G Khan
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I worked at LSU telecom for 5+ years or so while at LSU. 1995/1996 or so-2001. Great way to earn a little bit of spending money between classes. Sucked to be hungover in the stockroom though!

Also hooked people/offices in/out of the campus network. The job took me into almost every building on campus at some point over the years. As others have said, wandering around Tiger Stadium was very very cool.

Also, very creepy scenes in some of the rooms...a single chair in the dead center of the room facing outward to a window with a rubber glove on the floor next to it hmmmm

All kinds of stuff still in the rooms from whenever they shut down (late 80s??).
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Posted by GasMan
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I worked for about a year as a houseboy at the ADPi house with a couple of friends. It was sweet sweet. We didn't get breakfast but would show up at lunchtime, eat our fill of their prime food, then shoot the shite with the girls as they came through the chow line. When they were all through we ran the plates/silverware through the dishwasher, scrubbed the pots and pans, swept out the kitchen, and took the trash out. Come back and do the same at dinnertime. Once in a while they had us grill burgers outside. One or twice a semester we had to wear white shirts and ties and pour tea at their sit-down chapter dinner. Lost the gig late spring when the housemother told my friend that she needed us there early for special dinner one night to grill steaks for the girls. He fell asleep and didn't tell anybody, she was pissed and fired us all.

Later worked for a spring and summer for the USDA through the ag engineering dept. It was good. Outside work, they taught me how to drive a tractor and bush hog. Had a truck and gov't credit card to drive around and collect data from the experimental farms, do general maintenance. Had cool grad student supervisors. There was a really hot chick that worked in the office. Once I leveled a tin shed with a front end loader and we spent a day rebuilding it. On rainy days just hung around the shop and found busy work but mostly goofing off. It did get hot as shite in the sugar cane fields and there were snakes but overall it was a great gig. I left the job because the fraternity demanded 100% presence at all fall rush functions with no excuses. I wouldn't make that choice today.
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Posted by ultratiger89
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I taught algebra math lab for $18/hour in 1988-1989
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Posted by 1cajuncook
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I worked in the cafeteria at Broussard Hall in 1972-73. Got free meals; the same food the athletes ate. That was the Bert Jones era. One might Brad Davis brought a whole hog head into the cafeteria. He just sat the head on his table and ate his supper.
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