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Haven’t Been to a Popeyes in Years

Posted on 5/25/24 at 8:03 pm
Posted by DR93Berlin
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Posted on 5/25/24 at 8:03 pm
A new one opened up close to the house about 3 months ago. Never a line in the drive thru and have gotten a chicken sandwich and fish sandwich during Lent. Both very good. Today I decided to grab an 8-piece before the game. Side of dirty rice an 4 biscuits. $27. Chicken was dry. Looked like it had been fried twice. Dirty rice and biscuits were awful. Bojangles costs the same and comes with 1/2 gal of unsweetened tea. And the rice dressing and biscuits are marginally better. I’ll stick with the Publix 8-piece for $10
Posted by Mr Clean
New Iberia
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Posted on 5/25/24 at 8:11 pm to
I had Popeyes one year ago in Natchitoches on my way home from the doctor. It was OK.
Posted by moontigr
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Posted on 5/25/24 at 8:14 pm to
Popeyes is overrated, imo. I'm a Gus's fan

In BR I'll make the drive to Chicken Shack
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Posted by SixthAndBarone
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Posted on 5/25/24 at 8:39 pm to
Popeyes is always hit or miss. When it hits, it’s great though.
Posted by RichJ
The Land of the CoonAss
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Posted on 5/25/24 at 9:25 pm to
Coloreds, so I stick to Southern Classic…
Posted by Havoc
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Posted on 5/25/24 at 9:50 pm to
F you man Popeyes is awesome but just a once in a while food lol.
Posted by Lester Earl
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Posted on 5/25/24 at 9:56 pm to
Dear Facebook,

I hope this finds you well . . .
Posted by AlwysATgr
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Posted on 5/25/24 at 10:30 pm to
Popeyes is awesome. Have been eating it 40+ years. Popeyes spicy is the definitive fried chicken.

Biscuits were better when they made them in-house. Concede that.

Posted by Walt OReilly
Poplarville, MS
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Posted on 5/25/24 at 10:32 pm to
This is what you voted for when you choose Biden

Can’t say I feel bad for you
Posted by BigPerm30
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Posted on 5/25/24 at 11:10 pm to
I’m not normally fat, but download the app. I got a shite ton of food for like $25 one day.
Posted by SportsGuyNOLA
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Posted on 5/26/24 at 12:41 am to

Haven’t Been to a Popeyes in Years

You’ve missed nothing

Popeyes is gross and a ripoff.

Also, the employees are the worst in the fast food industry.
Posted by Sidicous
Middle of Nowhere
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Posted on 5/26/24 at 6:25 am to

I’ll stick with the Publix 8-piece for $10

We go for the rotisserie chicken instead of fried nowadays. My GI issues have a fit with the grease when it is fried. WM+ delivery weekdays is just $6+tax for a whole chicken, delivered.
Posted by TigrrrDad
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Posted on 5/26/24 at 6:36 am to
If Popeyes was run by Chick-fil-A, they’d rule the world.
Posted by 24nights
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Posted on 5/27/24 at 10:45 am to
Southern Classic
Posted by Jibbajabba
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Posted on 5/27/24 at 11:40 am to
I use the app and get a great deal every Sunday after church. I feed four people for about $25. The deal is always there.
Posted by PerplenGold
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Posted on 5/27/24 at 12:38 pm to
A new store opened near us. Been twice I think. Food was actually good both times.

Anyone remember the days before they came out with biscuits? Used to be dinner rolls. Hard to mess up since they didn't actually make them. Nothing to write home about but neither is a dry, crappy biscuit.
Posted by Tridentds
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Posted on 5/27/24 at 12:43 pm to
If Popeyes were to go out of business it would take me a long time to notice.

Food is okay with typically shitty service and most places look like they haven't been cleaned in a month.,.
Posted by SidetrackSilvera
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Posted on 5/27/24 at 8:11 pm to
Southern Classic is doing what Popeyes was doing 30 years ago. Popeyes got soft and lazy and the product today is shite. Biscuits are a fricking embarrassment. Chicken, when fresh out the fryer is comparable to what it used to be. But all too often the chicken is not fresh, it tastes dirty and is dried out. The sides can’t carry the old sides’ jock strap.

I say all this with the utmost regret. It’s like watching a family member choose to get on meth and go to A&M.
Posted by Fight4LSU
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Posted on 5/27/24 at 8:20 pm to

Popeyes is overrated, imo. I'm a Gus's fan

Don’t know if Popeyes is overrated, but I haven’t eaten Popeyes since I tried the Gus’s in Metairie. It’s now my new favorite chicken place and it isn’t even close.
Posted by Sparty3131
Baton Rouge
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Posted on 5/28/24 at 7:42 am to
Your guts thank you
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