This old First Take segment about Johnny Manziel resurfaced over the weekend featuring Merril Hodge being spot on about Johnny Football prior to the 2014 NFL Draft...
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On Saturday night, Hoge responded to the viral clip with a reminder for NFL draft picks everywhere...

"This is why watching tape is vital to evaluating players and their ability to transition to the NFL," Hoge wrote on Twitter. "No STAT can EVER tell you about a college player's ability to play in the NFL, and no award or championship they won means they can play in the NFL."
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tiger10912 months
Why is Skip still on? He should be calling bingo numbers at Shady Oaks.
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LSUDad12 months
Look at when Johnny played LSU, he never beat them. I said the same thing about Johnny. LSU never let him get out of the pocket. To play QB in the NFL, you have to be able to throw from the pocket! Failure on Johnnys part.
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wallowinit12 months
Manziel looked very average against LSU because LSU contained him. That wasn’t his game at all.
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Rex Feral12 months
Skip Bayless...My dog would do a better job at what he does.
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Hoge was right on the money.
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Cypdog12 months
I don’t know why this is not more obvious to everyone. Sumlin ran a spread, that at the time, was unique to the SEC. It was not unstoppable in any way. Manziel was only relevant, not because of talent, but he had the wheels to scramble after the play never materialized. It never materialized because both Sumlin and Manziel were not real good at football. Once the two were not on the same field any more, that did not work any more. It likely would not have worked if the SEC had seen more of Sumlin before Manziel. Spread the field, scramble, rinse, repeat. It was lightning in a bottle. Defenses adjusted quickly and everyone involved became irrelevant.
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TouchdownTony12 months
Johnny was great at making plays when everything had broken down. He needed chaos to make a play.
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Tiger198812 months
Skip was completely wrong about Burrow. It took him watching the national championship to understand why people thought Joe was such a great quarterback.
With that, all you had to do was watch the LSU games when he was QB at Texas A&M to know everything you needed to know about Johnny. He had a QBR of hardly nothing.
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SmackDaniels12 months
To be fair, it was probably higher than Lamar Jackson’s QBR when we played him in the bowl game
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cwill12 months
He was right about Clowney too.
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Skip taken to school by a guy with multiple concussions
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MrAUTigers12 months
a second grader could take Bayless to school. Dude is absolutely worthless. It's further proof we live in the greatest country in the world.......when a moron like him can find employment.
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SoFla Tideroller12 months
Yet people will keep repeating his libel about Troy Aikman.
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ExpoTiger12 months
This clip says everything you need to know about Skip Bayless
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Corso12 months
Skip Bayless is a a large part of why I stopped watched ESPN programming
user avatar
SomeLSUguy12 months
And now I can't watch Fox either!
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Havoc12 months
Skip Brainless is such a worthless POS.
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Fightin Okra12 months
Guy who has been in league vs those who probably never played the game
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TigerCoon12 months
Skip is the stupidest person in sports journalism
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OGTiger12 months
However much Skip has been paid in his career is money flushed down the toilet. I can’t believe he is even employed. As I sit here, I’m watching a guy pushing grocery carts thru the WalMart parking lot. He would be better at what Skip is doing than Skip would ever dream of being.
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PeleofAnalytics12 months
"However much Skip has been paid in his career is money flushed down the toilet"

Doesn't matter to these sports networks if he is right or if he is mind-numbingly wrong. As long as he brings in viewers, it is financially worth it to them. Not exactly admirable but that's how TV networks run their shows.
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St Augustine12 months
Hoge was very diplomatic about his answer as well. Of course Skip has to get all absolute and bombastic with his.
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Drizzt12 months
This explains a lot about Kliff Kingsbury too.
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idlewatcher12 months
As usual, Skip is dead wrong
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