Who doesn't love a good hair washing tutorial? Daughter of Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, Gracie Hunt, is here to deliver...

It’s me and my twisted alter ego! Which do you prefer: straight or curly?

Save this video for how to tame & style natural curls
Products linked on my @shop.ltk:

Cleansing hair wash: @redflowernyc
LOVE shampoo & conditioner: @davinesnorthamerica
Hair mask: @saucehair
Discipline Cleansing Curl Conditioner: @kerastase_official
Caviar Replenish Moisture CC Cream: @alternahaircare
Liquid Rollers & Total Recoil: @evohair
Hair Oil: @guerlain
Frizz Ease Dream Curls Spray: @johnfriedaus

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TouchdownTony12 months
America. The only country where you don't have to do anything or be brilliant to be successful.
user avatar
sportjunkie6913 months
Has any woman tried so hard to be relevant while absolutely making it clear you'll have to marry her to even get close to her her ya ya.

She's overated, oberhyped, and overstyled.
user avatar
Rickdaddy418813 months
Butter face
user avatar
Prominentwon13 months
Cindy Lou Who strikes again
user avatar
goodgrin13 months
Does this bitch ever speak in any of her Instagram videos?
user avatar
lsusa13 months
Rinse, repeat.

The secret is repeat
user avatar
MrKnowItAll13 months
A person that rich ought to have more water pressure from that shower head
user avatar
JackieTreehorn13 months
She must have some type of permanent makeup on.
user avatar
Magnus13 months
is she that bored
user avatar
Gaston13 months
I wish she was poor enough to show us her b-hole.
user avatar
cajunmud13 months
Take a pic of yours and just imagine it with less hair. There ya go.
user avatar
Godfather113 months
You’re killing your father, Larry.
user avatar
idlewatcher13 months
That ship has sailed long ago.
user avatar
Lynxrufus201213 months
Who wears their underwear in the shower?
user avatar
The Boat13 months
Pardon my masturbation
user avatar
UnclePat7613 months
If her dad was a regular Joe with a 60k a year job, she’d be just another average looking person like the rest of us.
user avatar
jlbasm13 months
That’s the definition of high maintenance
user avatar
cajunmud13 months
Can't watch on IG...they want a trackable email and I ain't gonna give em one.

So...wonder how much these companies are paying her for this? That's a lot of products she ain't listing for free.
user avatar
loopback13 months
she fat.
user avatar
Diamondawg13 months
So Larry, if you were to change jobs, what exactly would you put on your resume as to your current position?
user avatar
elposter13 months
So it takes an hour and EIGHT different products to get a "natural hair" look? LOL This woman is the definition of high maintenance. Still would though. And might even marry for a year or two with a good prenup giving me half of her inheritance.
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