Daughter of Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, Gracie Hunt, is ready for summer...

Keep going. Keep growing. And be your own kind of beautiful.

When I competed in pageants, I found it hard to not fall prey to the comparison trap—especially when it came to body image. I feel like oftentimes we all want to be or look like the thing we are not, not being grateful for what we are. Even focusing on a healthy & athletic approach to the swimsuit/fitness competition, it was challenging to not wish I could change parts of myself. As a woman, I believe it’s something all women struggle with to an extent at some point in our lives.

I wish I could tell my younger self how amazing she was and help her to love the way she was made. I watch old videos or look back at pictures and it makes me sad to remember how hard I was on myself. There’s nothing wrong in striving for excellence, but perfection isn’t attainable. If your identity is wrapped up in what you look like, then even when you attain the standard, you may still feel empty. There’s only one thing that I’ve found is safe to store my identity and that thing is my faith in Jesus Christ. Now the goal is simple: striving each day to become the strongest & most vibrant version of myself that God created me to be.

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pitchandcatch2719 days
Nice bikini......
user avatar
Play_Neck23 days
fine. I'll boink her so she feels accepted
user avatar
GumboPot23 days
She looks nice.
user avatar
Mr Happy23 days
I like her better when she doesn't talk.
user avatar
KennabraTiger23 days
Forced hips
user avatar
Big L23 days
This might be the first “casually posing next to this cactus” picture I’ve ever seen.
user avatar
Less of this girl. More of the girl with the green tennis skirt.
user avatar
SECdragonmaster23 days
Praise Jesus. Now please enjoy my body for your sexual pleasure.
user avatar
JackieTreehorn24 days
More vapid bullshite from the ivory tower.
user avatar
SmelvinRat24 days
Can we turn the page on this lady...
user avatar
New Money24 days
Clicks to make such comments are clicks.
user avatar
magicman53424 days
She’d look like a methhead Florida panhandle waffelhouse waitress if she didn’t have a billion dollars.
user avatar
Skinny24 days
Oh my god Gracie you sexy biotch! I need a hookup from a rich, hot 25 year old babe like this.
user avatar
LaBR424 days
We don't care about the bikini, show us those Teddies, whore!
user avatar
Jyrdis24 days
What is your infatuation with this girl? She’s not good looking.
user avatar
TheOcean24 days
She looks weird
user avatar
mmtiger24 days
has a little 80's theme to it.
user avatar
duckblind5624 days
She's bbbbaaaaacccckkkkk
user avatar
don’t call it a comeback, she’s been here for years ugh
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Dingeaux24 days
"When I competed in pageants, I found it hard to not fall prey to the comparison trap—especially when it came to body image. "

But then I just reminded myself that I was the daughter of a billionaire, and I began to feel a little better.

Does she think this crap she writes means anything to anyone?
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to be fair, she probably doesn’t even write this horseshite herself lol
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