Watch This Guy Casually Walk Into Brewers' Miller Park, Take A Tractor & Mess Up The Field
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
The Milwaukee Brewers have released the video of some guy back in June who casually walked up to Milwaukee Brewers' Miller Park, took out a tractor, and tried to write his name on the field. From June...

The intruder who entered Miller Park’s playing field last week is accused of taking a joyride on a tractor and using it to try carving his name in cursive on the grounds, causing $40,000 in damage.

Prosecutors charged Keyon A. Lambert, 40, of Milwaukee with a felony count of criminal damage to property and misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

The criminal complaint describes how Lambert entered the stadium on June 2 after finding an unlocked door and wandering to the playing field with grounds crew present. He told police he decided to commandeer the tractor because he had never driven one before and wanted to carve his name into the grass with the tires.
The video...

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Reply1 month
Interesting melt by Kenyon I mean Keyon
Reply1 month
It was a peaceful protest, no one hurt. Set him free with no charges,.
Reply1 month
If he would have worn a mask, he could have gotten away with it.
Reply1 month
"Keyon A. Lambert"
Reply1 month
At least he didn't light the stadium on fire. Just exercising his right to be a piece of shite.
Reply1 month
If the idiot knew how to drive it he could have done a lot more but can't fix stupid. I blame it on his parents or the lack there of.
Reply1 month
Somebody lost their job... like whoever's responsibility it is to lock the doors!
Reply1 month
Trump's fault. Reparations. Sacred cow. Can't touch this...
Reply1 month
Is this tee ball?? Running bases backwards
Reply1 month
In those two minutes we likely witness the highlight reel of that loser's entire life.
Reply1 month
MLB is probably ok with this because BLM
Reply1 month
he said frick the white mans game
Reply1 month
Back in the day, Kenyon's story would just end up as an urban legend. Now he gets the video to carry with him forever.
Reply1 month
haha, yep, nobody would believe that fool if he called them and told them he did that! Today, they will believe that idiot.
1 month
"He finished running the bases before walking out" - legendary
Reply1 month
Needs to work on the back-blading technique. He's going to ruin the cylinders using the buck like that.
Reply1 month
Good luck getting $40K out of that guy.
Reply1 month
For a guy who’d never driven a tractor before, he got the controls figured out pretty quick. Better than my first time on a front end loader.
Reply1 month
Dudes a fool but its really hilarious at the same time. Just so calmly operating the tractor, doing little dirt work
Reply1 month
An idiot
Reply1 month
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