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The updated ESPN College Football Power Index (FPI) predicts that LSU's final record in 2020 will be 9.6 – 2.6.

The FPI gives LSU a 13.9% chance to win the SEC and a 23.7% chance to make the College Football Playoffs.

Win Out: 1.9%
Win Division: 24.7%
Win Conference: 13.9%
Make Playoffs: 23.7%
Make National Championship: 10.2%
Win National Championship: 4.2%

SEC final record predictions, according to FPI:

Alabama Crimson Tide: 10.9 – 1.7
Georgia Bulldogs: 10.2 – 2.4
Florida Gators: 9.7 – 2.7
LSU Tigers: 9.6 – 2.6
Auburn Tigers: 9.1 – 3
Texas A&M Aggies: 8.9 – 3.2
Kentucky Wildcats: 7.0 – 5.0
Tennessee Volunteers: 6.3 – 5.7
Ole Miss Rebels: 6.1 – 5.9
Missouri Tigers: 6.0 – 6.0
South Carolina Gamecocks: 5.8 – 6.2
Arkansas Razorbacks: 5.0 – 7.0
Mississippi State Bulldogs: 4.6 – 7.4
Vanderbilt Commodores: 3.2 – 8.8
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yeah and on election eve 2016 Hillary hat a 93% of winning lmao
Reply18 months
The same FPI that ranked us #3 at the end of the year?
Reply18 months
One thing I have learned to love about Coach O, he loves to be underrated. As a person, as a team, it is his nuclear fuel.
Reply18 months
Bama will be back this season but Gators may go undefeated. Tigers will not have the guns until 21
Reply18 months
dude needs to get a new bucket of stats.
Reply18 months
"So you're sayin' there's a chance!" - D&D
Reply18 months
Man, frick Bama. De facto champs every preseason
Reply18 months
Well, Bama either generally wins or is damn close every year...I see a correlation myself for a safe pick.
18 months
everybody from a&m down does everyone above them doesnt???????
Reply18 months
How do our win loss #s not add up to 12?
Reply18 months
I’m guessing it’s the fractional percentage of the chances we play in the SEC-CG / playoffs. That’s all I got.
18 months
Who knows. I have us going 12-2 in 2020.
18 months
all of these things are meaningless. Play the games on the field - then we’ll know. Ignore this nonsense.
Reply18 months
ESPiN=Liberal Twats. They are wrong about everything.
Reply18 months
With respect to the ESPN FPI, it has never been even close to being accurate and in fact, it has always been a complete and utter joke. Indeed, anytime I hear anyone reference ESPN's FPI, I immediately lose all respect for that individual.
Reply18 months
The ESPN FPI is and has never been anything other than junk science. As it has always been the least accurate measurement of LSU's strengths and weaknesses ever since ESPN introduced that garbage. Indeed, every time I hear someone say ESPN's FPI says, I grimace and roll my eyes. As all it does is discredit ESPN as the self-anointed arbiters of college football. If I was ESPN, I'd get rid of it because all it is, in reality, is a source of embarrassment for ESPN.
Reply18 months
What was our prediction last year?
Reply18 months
I don't know, but we were #3 after beating Clemson.
18 months
Essentially the same. But LSU was ranked #4 according to the metric in the 2019 preseason. So it’s not like the metric was THAT far off.
18 months
1) How do you play 12.6 games? 2) I personally move Florida, LSU, and maybe Auburn above Georgia. Nothing against UGA, but they are where LSU was for awhile. They need to prove that they can actually live up to preseason hype. I think Florida is definitely going to be better than Georgia this season.
Reply18 months
1) It adds up to 12.2... 2) It’s accounting for the possibility of the SEC Championship game
18 months
So we lose to Florida and Alabama?
Reply18 months
Same metric that still didn't have LSU as the #1 after that incredible season. Yeah I'll just use it as a barometer.
Reply18 months
People say this, but can you prove it? I remember seeing the opposite
18 months
Brought to you by the same people that tell us how many hurricanes there will be each year. Rarely close to ever being right.
Reply18 months
Who does UGA have at QB? Alabama returns Jones who has been mainly used in mop up duty with the exception of last year...we'll see how he does as a starter. We have Myles who has done the same as Jones with less games played. Just seems like there's a lot of unknowns at this time.
Reply18 months
Jamie Newman
18 months
They have a new guy that's experienced and talented. Expected to be a first round pick next year, but so was Fromm. Fpi picked our games pretty well in 2018
18 months
Well, UGA has JT Daniels now which is an upgrade from Jake Fromm.
18 months
that's probably about how it looked last year. it's amazing how people will continue looking at the same incorrect stuff year after year for decades.
Reply18 months
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