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According to TMZ Sports, a Massachusetts family was awarded almost $5 MILLION after their home, which sits on a country club, was trashed after it was repeatedly hit with golf balls, smashing 26 windows...

The Tenczar family lives near the fairway of the 15th hole of the Indian Pond Country Club in Kingston, MA. They've lived there for about 4 years.

And, it's been an absolute disaster, according to the family lawyer, Robert Galvin, who tells us the home has been pelted with nearly 700 golf balls.

The damage? Galvin says 26 windows needed replacement ... in addition to the entire siding of the home.

"It's really a safety issue for them," Galvin told us. "They're literally sitting inside their home and golf balls are smashing through their windows."

A Plymouth County judge ultimately awarded the family $100K in damages ... and $3.4 million for distress.
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real turf fan26 months
The original story in the Boston Herald said that it was their 500K starter home and they just fell in love with it and bought it on the spot. They came across as clueless The golf club was already there. But to accommodate them, they some how changed something about the course and the house isn't being hit any longer.
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DeafVallyBatnR26 months
I understand what you are saying. But when you choose to drive by a golf course and your window is busted out. That golfer is responsible for his ball. Golfer pays for car windshield. I guess same theory is what happened here.
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gamecockman1226 months
That's definitely getting overturned. As it should.
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tigerpawl26 months
I just knew building next to a sewer treatment plant would eventually pay off. Hot dog!! $$$$$ Precedent, baby!!
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Zephyrius26 months
This is intentional so the insurance companies will roll over to attys and such to avoid cases going to court to avoid shitty decisions such as this.
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hehateme228526 months
The appeal will overturn that verdict. Assumed risk when buying the house
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atltiger648726 months
exactly. If anyone, blame the builder for putting that house in the firing line. Plus, the buyers knew exactly what they were buying. I mean, the golf course was already there. The huge Distress Award will be overturned.
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surgicalvenom26 months
Umm...tempered glass windows and Hardie Board siding. Or, don't live on a golf course.
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mmtiger26 months
will be reduced on appeal.
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lsuhunt55526 months
Good luck collecting it.
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Warfarer26 months
Who is this paid by?
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soccerfüt26 months
Larry, stay in your lane here with stories about Paige Spiranac getting hit by balls.
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NatalbanyTigerFan26 months
My boss bought a house on a golf course and then moved 5 houses down 6 months later because of golf balls constantly hitting his house and cars.
user avatar
WhoDatNC26 months
I know what house I would be hitting from now on.
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Placekicker26 months
So, they bought a house on a GOLF course, and didn’t expect GOLF balls to occasionally hit their house?
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GeauxTigers010726 months
Gotta be more to this story. 3.4mill for distress?
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