Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke almost took home the bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games last week, but no worries, she's seems to be taking the loss in stride...
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olgoi khorkhoi22 months
This is the one with the bouncy warm up? I thought she was cute,but now the face looks busted.
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GoneFishing2122 months
You don’t have to worry. She’s not interested in you either.
user avatar
ItNeverRains22 months
Fake tits > muscle tits
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Tiger in Co22 months
Rack a little small
user avatar
BrotherDawg8422 months
Good uniform, bad helmet.
user avatar
GatorPA8422 months
I zoomed in
user avatar
dbbuilder7922 months
It looks like she caught a clam
user avatar
biohzrd22 months
Would y’all look at the monkey on her!!!
user avatar
GumboPot22 months
What's up with the stretch marks? I guess T&F taking its toll.
user avatar
Dickses22 months
See...that's wrong!But who wants to be right?
user avatar
Walkerdog1422 months
I’m glad I’m not the only one that Zooms in!
user avatar
lsubuddy22 months
Lawwwwd have mercy
user avatar
the LSUSaint22 months
Nice camel toe...look closely
user avatar
NPComb22 months
One two three fo, I spy a ...
user avatar
WhoDatNC22 months
I would love to go down under.
user avatar
Hangit22 months
It appears she has a lot going on, down under.
user avatar
TeddyPadillac22 months
Larry, post more of her instead of the titless and boring lolo.
user avatar
toratiger22 months
Why not both?
user avatar
GeauxTigers010722 months
Larry, post more of her instead of the boring, played out Paige Spiranic
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