Former South Carolina QB Stephen Garcia Shares Story About Urban Meyer Recruiting Him
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In an interview with Swamp247, former South Carolina QB Stephen Garcia shared a story about what Urban Meyer said to him during his recruitment visit...

“He’s sitting there talking and we’re just kind of chit-chatting and all the sudden he goes, ‘All right, Stephen, I’m going to say something right now and this may offend some people.'”

“My brother’s old teammate was the only black guy in the room,” Garcia continued. “So I’m like, ‘What the hell is this guy about to say?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, Stephen, this is going to be offensive to some people.’ And I was like, ‘Oh God.’ I thought he was about to say some racial stuff or something.”

“He kind of just looks at me and he goes, ‘You’ve got to stop being such a f****** p**** and just commit to Florida,'” Garcia said, still seemingly in disbelief at the exchange.

“I kind of looked at him and everybody just kind of looked at me with their jaws on the floor, like, ‘what are you going to do?’ or ‘What are you going to say?'” he said. “I just looked at Urban dead in the eye and I was like, ‘Excuse me, what? What the hell are you… is that… what? What’s going on, man? I’m not coming here, are you sh****** me?'”

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Some sports “journalist” needs to straight up ask Urban Cryer if he truly said this to Garcia. I want to know if it’s bs or not.
Reply14 months
Some of y’all are surprised that coaches are threatening a-holes during recruiting. It Ain’t all ‘come to my school and screw sorority girls ‘ all the time.
Reply14 months
Well stop being a fricking pussy f a g o t and commit to the Gaytors!!!
Reply14 months
Breaking news: Urban Meyer is a piece of shite douchebag
Reply14 months
Weird that Garcia immediately assumed Urban was going to say something racial
Reply14 months
Shooters shoot
Reply14 months
Evidently he didn’t head the instruction...even at SC.
Reply14 months
Heed. *
14 months
Garcia wasn't good enough to be highly recruited by Urban. So this is a little embellished in my opinion.
Reply14 months
Untrue. He was a trash QB ultimately but he was very highly recruited in high school.
14 months
Well, this is a false statement.
14 months
He's drunk half of the time. I'm sure he's mis-remembering. This was likely a different coach at a different school that said it, if it happened at all.
14 months
Or it could be Garcia embellishing a story to make himself look better than he actually was.
Reply14 months
So Garcia IS a pussy.
Reply14 months
Wonder if he told that to Aaron Hernandez
Reply14 months
Definitely didn't tell him "no body, no crime"
14 months
That probably has an 80% chance of success, when dealing with a weak mind. What a crappy way to exploit young men, and recruit in general. Oh well.
Reply14 months
recruiting's a tough business and different coaches use different techniques. I don't know how much exploiting is being done - the coaches have to beg and plead for 18 year old kids to come to their school, and are offering a full ride scholarship and the use of billions of dollars worth of facilities, massive TV exposure, etc. But at the end of the day, the kid has the power because he decides where he wants to go.
14 months
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