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re: What experiences from your past would you bring back for today's kids if you could?

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Posted by NoSaint
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The freedom that no cell phones brings

It really is wild that there are so many people out there that may never know a world where people don’t have 24/7 access to them.

It’s such a massive shift in how you live to have everyone able to reach you in about 8 different methods at all times - even if you are good at setting boundaries and managing it
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Posted by Stonehenge
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Building ramps out of scrap wood, then jumping stuff on our bikes….
Posted by TDFreak
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Being able to make a prank phone call and the other side never able to call ID.

Same with vandalizing your rivals football field and not getting caught.
Posted by beaverfever
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Surge and Starter jackets.
Posted by OSqueal
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arse whipping for mouthing off in public.
Posted by chinese58
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Halloween being safe, and for them. Whether they were nice little kids who were just trick-or-treating, or mean kids like us that had neighborhood water balloon wars every Halloween.

Being able to have empty lots without fences around the neighborhood. One owner of one kept his mowed all summer so we could play baseball on it. Playing ball with your friends was 10K times more fun than playing a Little League game. Especially if it was your neighborhood against another one. Today's society is too litigious for that. Some a-hole parent would sue the owner if her baby broke a leg. Their Insurance company probably makes people sue landowners today.

Just riding a bicycle anywhere you wanted to. Our parents had no idea where we were on a given summer day. We knew when we had to be home for supper, We stayed out of trouble if we did that. It was OK to ride across town to play sandlot baseball or football, or to just hang out at a park all day. The only thing we did on our bikes that our parents didn't want us doing was riding all over town at 2:00 am on a night we were 'camping out' at someone's house. We would always ride our bikes by the police station on the Attala County courthouse square.

Posted by Espritdescorps
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Goldeneye at a sleepover The feeling of seeing Hit Me Baby One More Time for the first time The only available porn being squiggly lines on the tv at 2am Surge

Wow such a great list. I’ll add playing smear the queer. When boys were allowed to be boys
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Posted by chinese58
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pick-up offseason baseball games at the baseball fields.

A kid can learn a lot about true competition in such an environment.
A kid can learn to love the game playing like that.

The fields aren't available now days. Either someone has signed their organized team up to practice on it, or it's locked up. Where we played Little League games was open for kids to play anytime there were no games scheduled. They were adjacent to a huge park that had an area big enough for sandlot football games and tennis courts. It was way across town, but we rode our bikes, parked them against the fence and forgot about them until time to go home. Nobody stole them.
Posted by Warfox
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I’m from Louisiana, but grew-up in Baton Rouge.

My childhood neighborhood was a nice middle/upper-ish middle class no outlet that backed up to hundreds and hundreds of acres of forest, creek, and bayou Deplantier.

My friends and I explored damned near every inch of it feels like.

I’m afraid my kids would get Lyme disease or any litany of f-*cked up tick-bourne disease that could potentially mess them up for years.
Posted by Sus-Scrofa
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Fireflies on a summer night. When they would light up the sky no matter where you lived.

Last summer my brother and his family came down. His kids are like 8 and 10.

I suggested taking some jars outside and catching fireflies. They looked at me like I was an alien. It was actually sad.

I should have turned off the wi-fi and told them it was broken.
Posted by Napoleon
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Fun factory
Posted by KennabraTiger
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No fricking smartphones

*posted on iPhone*
Posted by Big Scrub TX
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What experiences from your past would you bring back for today's kids if you could?
Monoculture events like The Beatles and Jaws.
Posted by soccerfüt
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Smear the [Aggie].
Posted by auggie
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70s AM radio.
Posted by lsufan1971
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Saturday morning cartoons
Posted by CarpeDiem
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Pictures without filters

Communicating and interacting in-person (no texts, emails, social media)

Playing outside

Having to use your imagination to prevent boredom

Delayed gratification

Not knowing every opinion and life detail of acquaintances, friends, and family

Listening to every song on the album because you can’t skip ahead

Spending uninterrupted quality time with friends and family without cell phones or computers

Being unreachable, and people not expecting instant responses
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Did something bad happen to the boy to make the dad over-protective?

Nope, no extenuating circumstances. No abuse, not mental health issues, nothing like you might think. The ex-wife/mother is EXTREMELY overprotective and my friend just gave up early on with fighting it. A few years ago he bought him a little rifle and the kid shot it a couple of times. His mom flipped out and told him guns are dangerous. He would hold it and cry that he couldn't pull the trigger just target shooting after that. He's just a little whimp and his dad gave up on it. He feels like he can't get through to him because of the attachment to his mom. The boy's mentality is that his mom's views are more caring than his dad's attempts to give him responsibility which didn't stick.
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iwyLSUiwy was the first person I knew with an iPhone. I didn't get my first one until 3 years later at 27 years old. Total gamechanger. I don't think I could get my kids a smartphone until they could legally drink.
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The freedom to roam around. In Hawaii, we'd go down to the beach almost every day after school. We'd see what washed up on the beach (be plastic beach trash now), go into the lava cave, watch jets land at the airfield (we lived on the Marine base), etc. When we lived in El Paso, we'd walk past Sunland Park racetrack and go up into the desert mountains - check out the trains rolling through the cut. You sure as hell would not do that now. I 8th grade friend of mine and I roamed around the D.C. business district, checking out the stores.

Everything was safe, except maybe the time we found some old unexploded ordinance and brought it home.
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