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re: LSU Basketball Recruiting Thread: 2024 (And Beyond)

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Posted by TheWhitemamba16
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What does rpm stand for
Posted by ProjectP2294
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What does rpm stand for

Recruiting Prediction Machine, I think. It's the On3 version of a 247's crystal ball.
Posted by tigers32
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It appears as though ’24 G Ian Jackson may announce this weekend at the Hoophall Classic tournament per Kentucky Sports Radio. UK is considered the favorite according to on3.
Posted by Gus007
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Are there any point guards in the state that are better than those on the team?
Is Cook out of eligibility. Maybe entice him back. At least he could shoot.
Posted by Tom Bronco
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Posted on 2/8/23 at 2:45 pm to
I think everyone who was playing in 2020 get an extra free covid transfer and extra year of eligibility.
Posted by NCaddoTigerfan
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Posted by 5iveEuax4eaux
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Posted by mmcgrath
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I would not expect Adam Miller back

Hasn’t he already burnt his transfer? Unless he graduates he’s got to sit out another year, right?

If I'm not mistaken he should have 3 years of eligibility and a redshirt left. His first year was covid and last year was clearly a medical redshirt. He could transfer and use his redshirt to avoid sitting out a year.
Posted by bayoubilly57
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Posted by Fast Times @ LSU
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The best HS basketball player in the state is going to Boise State. Looks like 2023 is a down year for Louisiana HS hoops talent. This is not good news for our program.

We will for sure lose 3 guys with 2 guys signed for next year. the PG position is the biggest concern unless Justice Williams is taking that mantel. and if any guys hit the portal after the season, we'd need to replace. so, before the portal and as of right now, we need a PG in a bad way.
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Posted by PNG Futbol
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We're in for a Trent Johnson type era unless McMahon can somehow make big changes to his entire program. He needs help recruiting, coaching, and development. We have a bush league coach in in the big leagues.
Posted by Bottom9
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Posted on 2/27/23 at 11:12 am to

We're in for a Trent Johnson type era

This is an insult to Trent Johnson.
Posted by HighRoller
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Posted on 3/2/23 at 6:12 am to
You have to think Ward and Reed will be poached by another school.
Posted by Chicken
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Posted by Elleshoe
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Good chance Justice Williams and Kendal Coleman are gone next season. May ask a couple others to move on if he can find some talent in the portal (doubtful)
Posted by JWill409
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#2 Freshman in PPG in the country Nate Calmese From my local Lamar University has entered the portal. We should be all over it.
Posted by Menatiger
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Gawd please leave. I’ve seen better shooters on the back of a donkey.
Posted by mmcgrath
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Josh Hubbard recently decommitted from Ole Miss. 5'10" PG from Madison, MS. Nationally ranked 127.
Posted by AlecRock23
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Ron Hunter just took the job at Georgia tech, former Tulane coach

If Jalen cook elected to come back to LSU, how likely will be get a waiver?

Misread, Georgia Tech actually hired Damon stoudemire, sorry for that
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Posted by Pnels08
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I believe a coaching change allows for a free waiver most of the time
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