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Rodgers is back; he’s medically cleared to return

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by VermilionTiger
VermilionTiger 2312/13 9:20 am

Who would have thought this starting fantasy lineup would be such a mediocre squad?

by SoFunnyItsNot
SoFunnyItsNot 612/12 6:22 pm

Anyone else get a kick out of the Yahoo Matchup Recaps?

by Cowboyfan89
Cowboyfan89 312/12 12:59 pm

Have to pick a team to go against in PPR semifinals

by josh336
josh336 612/12 1:33 pm
Mr. Hangover

if you don't make the playoffs do you adjust your roster any?

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by Flair Chops
Flair Chops 2112/12 6:27 pm

Sorry, double post

by Mr. Hangover
Mr. Hangover 012/12 3:01 pm
Mr. Hangover

Greg Olsen (League Collusion Possibly?)

by Jizzamo311
Jizzamo311 612/12 10:05 am
Hold That Tiger 10

Which QB to start?

by TechDawg2007
TechDawg2007 512/12 11:09 am

Pick 2 of the 4 WRs please

by knowingabyss
knowingabyss 412/12 10:21 am

Check in if Mike Evans screwed you over all season

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by lsutigers1992
lsutigers1992 2712/12 12:38 pm

Ck in If B. Cooks burned you 1 catch 38 yards

by Gorilla Ball
Gorilla Ball 912/12 7:41 am

What are the odds Cooks outscores Brady + Burkhead tonight?

by gizmoflak
gizmoflak 612/11 7:45 pm

Wentz goes down in my playoffs BYE

by ChadJones4Heisman
ChadJones4Heisman 912/11 1:58 pm

Carson Wentz is out for the season

by VermilionTiger
VermilionTiger 712/12 7:08 am

Josh gordon appreciation thread

by Nonetheless
Nonetheless 1312/10 3:14 pm

Russell Wilson.. did y’all start him?

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by Mr. Hangover
Mr. Hangover 2112/11 11:11 am
Triple Bogey

Up by 2 have 2 players left, he has none. Bench them?

by Fun Bunch
Fun Bunch 1712/11 6:03 pm

Anyone else in a league not in the Playoffs yet?

by Cowboyfan89
Cowboyfan89 1512/11 3:35 pm

jameis winston should be in prison

by Nonetheless
Nonetheless 112/10 1:53 pm

Anyone else not in playoffs but ruined others hopes and dreams last couple weeks?

by LSU6262
LSU6262 212/10 8:58 pm

Time to bump some old Josh Gordon threads. TD

by tigerskin
tigerskin 012/10 12:19 pm

Bench all Bills and Colts receivers

by darryljames30
darryljames30 512/10 12:11 pm
Byron Bojangles III

Flex help

by TaderSalad
TaderSalad 112/10 2:35 pm

Replace Gronk...

by More&Les
More&Les 212/10 8:42 am

Wilson or Wentz?

by cforester821
cforester821 312/9 2:43 pm
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