Tebow Crushes Drive At Golf Range, Someone Responds 'Jesus' & Tim Has THE Best Response
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Tim Tebow with the best and most Tim Tebow response ever to Pat McAfee saying "Jesus" after this monster drive...
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In case you missed it...

Pat McAfee: Jesus

Tim Tebow:...loves you.
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user avatar
panzer51 months
perfect response
user avatar
X123F4551 months
From an athlete as gifted as tim, that was weak
user avatar
ForeverGator51 months
This is from 2019, Larry. 2020 is all about the Coronavirus. Get it right.
user avatar
idlewatcher51 months
Let Jesus into your heart boy
user avatar
Higgysmalls51 months
When is this crap about crushing a golfball gonna end. It's been played out. I would imagine 99% of professional baseball players can crush a golfball
user avatar
BabyTac51 months
There may be a better human being than Tim Tebow out there, but I’ve yet to meet him.
user avatar
ConwayGamecock51 months
Pat Boone and Donny Osmond?????
user avatar
6R1251 months
Reading people saying stupid things about Tebow makes me wonder if their son would turn out great like Tim would they be disappointed in them????? He is a great guy and competed at the highest levels. People are stupid to dismiss him especially as a great role model.
user avatar
Cherry Cheesecake51 months
Time to quarantine Pat!
user avatar
Texas Weazel51 months
Why is Pat McAfee a "thing"? That guy tries too hard.
user avatar
OweO51 months
He is actually pretty funny
user avatar
kywildcatfanone51 months
Tebow is awesome. Great role model for kids and adults.
user avatar
Buckeye Jeaux51 months
Not a bad swing.
user avatar
BobABooey51 months
Lots of free time after failing at yet another pro sport. Meanwhile, Jody’s home with the Hyphen-Honey.
user avatar
SCLibertarian51 months
Guy won a Heisman, 2 national titles, a playoff game in the NFL and played minor league baseball while being a Saturday morning host on SEC Nation. That is fricking impressive.
user avatar
Hangit51 months
And he's rich, bitch!
user avatar
Hasbeenneverwas51 months
Bob, how many sports have you excelled in?
user avatar
Corso51 months
I'm sure that was wit and not a practiced response
user avatar
ncinthenext351 months
Fake laugh
user avatar
Datfish51 months
Wasted 16 seconds of my life watching that
user avatar
skullopener51 months
But your soul got saved!!!
user avatar
dagrippa51 months
Monster drive? looks like a max 200 yard rescue shot
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