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LSU star linebacker Harold Perkins is making a number change as he enters his second season with the Tigers.

Instead of wearing No. 40 as he did during his breakout freshman season, Perkins will be No. 4, the number he wore in high school.

He will share the number with running back John Emery Jr., who wears the No. 4 on offense.

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Spankum15 months
Perkins was a monster this past year and I hope he can do the same this year. However, why is a simple number change “newsworthy”?
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PureBlood15 months
May he send the number into retirement when he leaves. He's already set the bar pretty damn high... and he's just getting started
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bass15 months
Harold Perkins doesn’t change jersey numbers, the numbers just fall off.
user avatar
king4715 months
Shout out Todd Harris Jr.
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GeauxldenGuy15 months
I was in immediate panic thinking it was #18
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RaginRed15 months
I feel like its bad juju to switch. Dude had a monster year rockin #40. I would not change at this point. Just my own personal opinion. I always hated switching jersey numbers. Start carving out a Legacy rocking a certain number it would be hard for me to change I guess. As long as you continue to ball Kid
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Shaq4prez15 months
Tyranny Mathieu says hi
user avatar
geauxGreeks15 months
juju hides in the corner at the sight of HP4
user avatar
TeddyPadillac15 months
well that sucks. I'd like to see him run the ball just for fun.
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Pvt Hudson15 months
Will claim the gif of #40 getting chucked to the ground by Achane “wasn’t him”.
user avatar
Wait emery has another year of eligibility? I thought he was gone
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cajunmud15 months
'Cuda Perkins!
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He compressed that forty down to four, the opposing offense better hang the f*ck on. Cause he's coming — fast and often.
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Geaux Guy15 months
4 is the new 7
user avatar
225Tyga15 months
He’s going to look smaller in #4
user avatar
Mr. Hangover15 months
Your mom looks smaller in 4
user avatar
LSUBlitzkrieg15 months
Jesus, this headline made my stomach drop until I got to the 2nd line.
user avatar
Celery15 months
Harold Perkins is switching…. Jersey numbers
user avatar
FLObserver15 months
Same lol. These days it seems anytime star players names show up in a headline its not good. My heart sank as well. Glad it was just a number switch.
user avatar
Locoguan015 months
Liter number... faster...
user avatar
southsidedell15 months
And this was his number in HS
user avatar
ChineseBandit5815 months
shedding unnecessary baggage - lol
user avatar
Pas Bon15 months
But dropping the zero doesn’t affect the weight of the jersey since zero has no value.
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