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After leading the Tigers to the SEC Championship and a 10-win season in his first year at LSU, quarterback Jayden Daniels returns to Baton Rouge for one final year.

His impressive 2022 campaign put him in a position to possibly declare for the NFL Draft, but head coach Brian Kelly laid out a development plan that helped Daniels make his decision to return to the team in 2023.

On Tuesday, Kelly talked about Daniels' re-recruitment back in December:

"When Jaden made the decision to come back, I think there were a number of things that were on the table for discussion," Kelly said.

"You start with physical development and how we can put together a plan for his strength and conditioning."

"We had to recruit him back. We had to give him a comprehensive plan for what we would do in the weight room. And how we would continue to develop him technically as a quarterback."

"And then utilizing the resources that we have here. We have VR, we have the ability to train year-round, and having receivers here for him."

"It was really just having a comprehensive year-round training program for him right here and then providing him the opportunity to do other things as well. He went out on the west coast and trained with other elite quarterbacks and we provided him with the contacts to do that."

"It was about continuing the development of a quarterback at that stage. And when we met with him, and he saw that we had a compressive plan, it helped him make his decision."
Daniels passed for 2,774 yards, with 16 touchdowns and just three interceptions last season. He also rushed for 818 yards and 11 touchdowns.
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user avatar
Hampton15 months
Maybe and Jayden's 10th year he'll get it!
user avatar
SOL215 months
JD will be a Heisman candidate by the 5th game
user avatar
Bucky_B15 months
only if he learns to throw the ball more. he's a good passer, but wants to run way to much
user avatar
PureBlood15 months
You had to recruit QB1 back to the team??? WTAF?
user avatar
Schmelly15 months
When he’s trying to decide on developing in the NFL or here, yeah. Your blood may be pure, brain…not so much
user avatar
lsuson15 months
Nice when you have adults coaching the team
user avatar
BabyTac15 months
Jayden > Lamar Jackson.
user avatar
CSATiger15 months
I like the sound of this
user avatar
tigersquad8915 months
Well that ends any chance of Nuss being the starter. Kelly went to the Les Miles school of picking QB’s
user avatar
Mr. Hangover15 months
What an absolutely retarded thing to say
user avatar
cajunmud15 months
VR. Seems if you stayed on that damn thing as long as possible, you'd be Brady/Brees/Manning before long.

Then when you got that going pretty good...speed it up!
user avatar
Hangit15 months
They are going to feed him, make him hit the weights, and strengthen him up. Then, they are going to teach him about reading through his progressions. They are going to teach him to look at more than 1 receiver before running. The NFL likes that.
user avatar
sportjunkie6915 months
I call BS. Daniels wasn't getting drafted higher than 4th or 5th round, similar to Ian Book. Teams don't trust Kelly quarterbacks.
user avatar
sunnydaze15 months
Anthony Richardson is projected 1st round and you think Daniels would’ve slid to the 5th? Lol
user avatar
GeauxTigers010715 months
Change your name to sportdummy69. TIA.
user avatar
225Tyga15 months
"Shares Development Plan" .... then doesnt share the development plan, just uses the word development 20 times.
user avatar
xGeauxLSUx15 months
Hey, Larry is special leave him alone!
user avatar
Slammy15 months
Hahaha. A binder!
user avatar
cypresstiger15 months
Did BK use a binder?
user avatar
JeffSpartan8515 months
Apparently some people read the headlines and not the articles before commenting. ??
user avatar
Strannix15 months
As opposed to what? Transferring
user avatar
Billieboy15 months
Draft fool
user avatar
saintslsupels15 months
Stupid is as stupid does
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