Videos of this fishing boat crashing into a North Carolina beach have gone viral on social media this week...
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Atlantic Beach police said it happened around 7 p.m. Saturday near the Doubletree Hotel pier.

“Something I’ve never seen,” Carr said. “I’m 41 and grew up on the beach and been around boats my entire life and never seen anything like it. The last thing you expect to happen is a 48-foot sport fishing boat barreling toward the shore.”

Police said at least seven people were on the boat. Two were taken to the hospital. They were expected to be OK. An investigation into the cause of the crash continued Sunday by NC Wildlife.
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user avatar
LSU Tiger Eyes17 days
Reminds me of the oil tanker scene from Julia Robert's movie, "Leave the World Behind".
user avatar
SwampyWaters18 days
Was this a medical emergency or a BWI? That's crazy, not to mention that boat cost a pretty penny. I hope the insurance is paid up or somebody will be sleeping on the streets tonight.
user avatar
BowDownToLSU18 days
Maybe they were leaving Bangkok and was late for a wedding that Mike Tyson was singing at
user avatar
TommyDaTiger18 days
You’re killing your father Larry
user avatar
JackieTreehorn18 days
Surprised a pile of illegals didn’t pour out of that thing like a fire ant bed.
user avatar
deltaland18 days
We’re gonna draw him into the shallow waters, gonna draw him in and drown him. We’re headin in Brody”
user avatar
goodgrin18 days
Thank God it wasn't a gigantic tanker like in 'Leave the World Behind'.
user avatar
mtheob1718 days
Boat was taking on water and the Cpt had no choice, according to many.
user avatar
WTFhappened18 days
Captain was taking on beers.
user avatar
Timeoday18 days
He had it on auto pilot while taking a nap.
user avatar
cypresstiger18 days
Now we know how the SS Minnow got to Gilligan’s Island
user avatar
3down1018 days
Should have put red coloring all over everything to let people know it was serious. It's just not as scary unless everything is in red.
user avatar
cajunmud18 days
Illegal aliens in a pirated boat.
user avatar
Le Tenia18 days
Riveting tale ol chap. Keep up the stellar work, Lawrence. Chicken must pay you with those Lubby coupons
user avatar
Parrish_Dawg18 days
user avatar
Jack Daniel18 days
Played out exactly like I thought it would
user avatar
FLBooGoTigs118 days
I was on the edge of my seat until the boat stopped approx 1 sec after it hit shore. LOL
user avatar
soccerfüt18 days
This video was as exciting as is Larry’s storytelling riveting.
user avatar
VoxDawg18 days
How far up the beach did these folks filming this think the boat was gonna get?
user avatar
AgCoug18 days
Are you saying you would have just stood there? I doubt it.
user avatar
POTUS202418 days
Boats don't have wheels. It's not going anywhere once it touches the sand.
user avatar
DrSteveBrule18 days
Most people have never seen this so, I would move.
user avatar
jmorr3418 days
"Terrifying" is a bit dramatic. If I'm a passenger, I'm putting on my life jacket and hopping off in deeper water shortly prior to beaching.
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