Tulane Wants To Be In The Big 12
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On Tuesday, the Big 12 announced that they'll be voting to explore candidates for expansion of the conference by two to four teams. And according to the New Orleans Advocate, Tulane is already trying to throw their hat into the ring for a Big 12 membership. Athletic director Troy Dannen has been working hard in promoting the need for the university to get in to the Power 5 game...

“When I was introduced as athletic director last December, my goal was to ensure Tulane University was in a position, athletically, to take advantage of opportunities which may come our way,” Dannen said in a statement to The Advocate on Wednesday. “If an opportunity for candidacy in the Big 12 Conference presents itself, that is an opportunity we will certainly explore.”
Apparently Dannen and Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby are buddies with Dannen considering Bowlsby his mentor. Bowlsby was also instrumental in Dannen landing the job at Tulane AD gig.

How would you feel about this move to the Big 12?

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skullopener93 months
Not good for LSU recruiting if that happens.
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Bob Sacamano93 months
I hope this happens.
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double d93 months
Tulane can compete in Baseball and women's BBall (although Kim got that wrapped up tight) but Football would be the new Kansas and men's hoops would be no better off until the new coaches can recruit better talent. Tulane brings the NOLA market and opens up more avenues for recruiting in La for themselves and Big XII teams. The biggest thing they bring to the table overall is the AAU ranking and academic prestige.
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jptiger200993 months
It's a long shot to say the VERY least. Tulane has waited too damn long to become a contender. They're on their way with the big coaching selections, but it won't be soon enough for the big 12 expansion.
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Oddibe93 months
Nothing wrong with dreaming big....hahahah
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DeafVallyBatnR93 months
30,000 seat stadium. Yeah that's going to work.
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OchoDedos93 months
Big 12 in that little piss ant stadium? A hardy ha-ha....
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calitiger93 months
Won't happen. Tulane would have to invest in a major upgrade to its facilities and the New Orleans television market isn't that desirable. If the Big 12 adds two teams, I would expect Houston and BYU would receive the initial invites. If four teams, then look for them also to invite Colorado State (Denver market) and Cincinnati.
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CCTider93 months
The Denver market isn't a good college football market. It's NFL only. Plus, there's minimal high school talent in the area. Other than kickers, it's pretty bare. I still think they go after either ucf or usf. They'll want into Florida, since they already have an eastern school.
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baobabtiger93 months
Is Tulane really any worse than some of the big twelve teams (Colorado, Iowa State). If they could get into a power 5 conference they could attract elite talent that LSU doesn't offer. Those are strong 3 stars and a lot of 4 star players. That would help us because those players are likely to stay home verses going to MSU, Ole Miss, and R Kansas.
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jdutto393 months
At least some Big 12 schools like TAMU or Nebraska can recruit those guys. Kordell Stewart and Tommie Frazier are big names in college football right now.
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atltiger648793 months
would be great for Tulane - terrible for the Big 12. There are much bigger name schools they could invite. I realize LA/New Orleans would increase the Big 12's TV footprint, but Tulane is an utter non-factor in football, and has been that way for decades.
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Honest Tune93 months
So was Baylor
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Quidam6593 months
The Big 12 isn't exactly a desirable location for any major programs. It's more like the last refuge. That being said, it would expand Big 12 coverage into new markets (really, how may teams in one state does a conference need?). I would offer Cincinnati (partner with West Virginia), Tulane (new market and who wouldn't want to visit New Orleans every other year?), Memphis (money talks and the Big 12 needs some), and Colorado State (trips to mountains are worth it).
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LaBR493 months
They should become the Vanderbilt of the Big 12.
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theBru93 months
Would be great for TU...good luck to them...
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pilsnerpusher93 months
Just shooting from the hip but one real possibility is many of the 3 star in state athletes who do not have lsu offers and end up at places like mississippi state, ole miss, Arkansas, etc would consider the possibility of going to Tulane and playing in the big 12. There'd be serious lumps along the way though. I'm assuming serious work would need to be done to elevate facilities to a big 12 level.
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chalmetteowl93 months
it means tear down Devlin and Yulman... you're playing in the SKC and the Dome...
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UNO93 months
tulane would play games against big-name football teams in the dome. they could play baylor, iowa state, kansas, kansas state, oklahoma state in yulman, but there'd have to be plans to expand it to about 40,000. they'd need to build a new basketball arena. it's long overdue anyway. they'd have to show the big 12 these plans before acceptance, i'm sure. baseball would be fine. they would compete to win that league year in and year out.
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LSUrme93 months
Go ahead.
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TheFlyingTiger93 months
that'd be really cool, actually
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jlnoles7993 months
What????? No pic of a hot female golfer in a skimpy swimsuit
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