Conor McGregor Earned $180 Million in 2020, World's Highest Paid Athlete
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Conor McGregor took in a $180 million in 2020, becoming the year's highest paid athete...

The 32-year-old earned a whopping $22 million for his UFC 252 2nd-round TKO loss to Diamond, but according to Forbes annual list of the World's Highest-Paid Athletes ... it was the whiskey money that carried McGregor to the top spot on the list.

Conor earned $158 million outside the Octagon ... and an overwhelming majority of that cash came from his sale of Proper 12 Irish Whiskey.
Here's the remainder of the top 10 that consists of 3 international soccer players, 2 NBA players, 2 NFL QB's, a race car driver and a tennis player...

2 - Lionel Messi $130 mil.
3 - Cristiano Ronaldo $120 mil.
4 - Dak Prescott $107.5 mil.
5 - LeBron James $96.5 mil.
6 - Neymar $95 mil.
7 - Roger Federer $90 mil.
8 - Lewis Hamilton $82 mil.
9 - Tom Brady $76.
10 - Kevin Durant $75 mil.
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Damn 1%s.
Reply1 month
Is Proper 12 any good or is just the marketing angle?
Reply1 month
If he buys you a shot, take it. Or he will punch you.
1 month
It's surprisingly good. Go into it with an open mind. Think it's smoother than Jameson's, especially served on the rocks.
5 days
Since 2010, Federer has made $840M. Can't see what was before that, but he started winning majors in 2003, so i'd imagine he's got to have crossed the billion dollar mark by now. Remarkable what he's accomplished.
Reply1 month
Federer making more than Lewis Hamilton blows my damned mind almost as much as Dak making more than Lebron
Reply1 month
who the hell is Lewis Hamilton?
1 month
"9 - Tom Brady $76." damn larry i had a better financial year than TB12
Reply1 month
Dak Prescott llol
Reply1 month
McGregor’s documentary on Netflix, “Notorious”, is incredible. 7 years ago, he and his girl were living with his mother on welfare.
Reply1 month
Soooo many WHITE PEOPLE!!!
Reply1 month
A lot of privilege and oppression in that list.
Reply1 month
Connor comes off as a real hustler. Congrats to him.
Reply1 month
Dak Prescotts agent deserves a lot of kudos!
Reply1 month
Yea no shite. Dak is a mediocre QB
1 month
i'm a cowboys fan and like Dak a lot, but that's a ridiculous amount for a just-decent QB
1 month
That's a lot of endorsement money, though. Dak has charisma and charm that, say, Tom Brady doesn't. So, their "non-football" income are going to diverge because of that.
1 month
Fookin A
Reply1 month
OT baller.
Reply1 month
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