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Meet Croatian soccer player, 22-year-old Ana Maria Markovic, who has been dubbed the ‘world’s most beautiful footballer’... but she rejects the label as being ‘sexy.' She currently plays for the Swiss Women's Super League club Grasshopper and the Croatia national team...

German outlet 20min interviewed the star where she was asked about a recent piece that called her a ‘blonde bombshell.’ “I liked the articles that called me the most beautiful footballer or one of the most beautiful because it makes me happy to hear that I am beautiful,” she replied.

"But then newspaper articles appeared in which I was described as the sexiest footballer. I didn't like that. Also because of my family. I think you have to be careful what you write about people. Especially if you have ones that do not know. But overall it wasn't that bad.”

(Barstool Sports)
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BoardReader24 months
There has to be a pull the goalie joke here somewhere...
user avatar
tucoco24 months
It would be hard for me to play soccer against her as a goalie, she'd score every time! What a stunning young lady!
user avatar
tbabino24 months
she could crush me with those thighs
user avatar
Timeoday24 months
What is Kayla Simmons doing since her Marshall Volleyball stint?
user avatar
eddieray24 months
Nice work Larry. Gorgeous woman
user avatar
the LSUSaint24 months
She's just OK. Honestly thought her body would be much better....meh
user avatar
My2Bits24 months
I’ll still pick Alica Schmidt.
user avatar
LSUSkip24 months
She'll end up married to some American millionaire. I need to find a few million dollars before that happens.
user avatar
lastfan24 months
I never played soccer, but I just dribbled in my pants.
user avatar
MeatPants24 months
Does she really wear that much makeup when she’s playing?
user avatar
Bige1124 months
Don’t think she has any on at all. She’s just that beautiful
user avatar
danilo24 months
She can kick my balls!
user avatar
Robber DeNiro24 months
Seen better in Walmart on Sigen!!!
user avatar
BigWillyMetry24 months
Upvoted for creativity
user avatar
LesnarF524 months
Refreshing to see and read about. She doesn't come across as the other attention whores generally posted on this site.
user avatar
Nikki_T24 months
Is she any good at soccer?
user avatar
KAGTASTIC24 months
I like her good girl "I care about what my family thinks" modesty. Thats nice to hear in todays insta world.
user avatar
GeauxTigers010724 months
user avatar
Breauxsif24 months
Bravo Larry, bravo!!
user avatar
Earnest_P24 months
“Don’t call me sexy. BRB posting bikini pic.”
user avatar
txbd24 months
Now this is a great article Larry
user avatar
chRxis24 months
She definitely is…
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