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Subway lost over 1,000 US locations last year alone

And expect more to close this year. The food is not fresh. The breakfast offerings suck. And their ad campaigns are woke AF.

And they are requiring that franchises remain open even during hours where no one goes to a Subway.


Subway lost more than 1,000 US locations last year, filings reveal


Subway is still the nation’s biggest fast-food chain — but its lead keeps getting smaller.

The struggling sandwich giant — which has lately tussled with franchisees over controversial ad campaigns and allegations of corrupt regional managers — shuttered 1,043 more outlets across the US than it opened in 2021, according to public filings this week.

The dip — which shrank Subway’s total footprint by nearly five percent to 21,147 locations — wasn’t as steep the net loss of 1,609 US restaurants Subway suffered in 2020. But it was worse than the 999 it lost in 2019 before the coronavirus hit, according to federal disclosures filed by the company.

In February, Subway said sales across the US steadily improved throughout 2021, although industry experts said the gains were mainly because of price inflation and that the chain continued to lag the competition.

Subway has been promoting new sandwiches including Turkey Cali Fresh and All-American Club in a big advertising campaign featuring sports stars Tom Brady and Steph Curry. The campaign, however, also drew complaints from franchisees last year over the hire of soccer star Megan Rapinoe, whose perceived anti-American views reportedly rubbed some customers the wrong way.

Behind the scenes, Subway CEO John Chidsey also is getting tougher on franchisees, requiring that they be open seven days a week, 13 hours a day to capture breakfast, lunch and dinner sales, sources said. That adds up to 91 hours a week versus the 80-hour weeks that is averaged by many, according to sources.

Subway owns none of its own US restaurants, depending entirely on franchisees. Insiders note that Subway makes an 8% royalty off gross sales even if restaurants lose money being open during hours where there is little business.

“Keeping the stores open will increase gross sales which is where Subway makes their money off royalties” a consultant to Subway franchisees said. “But as stores can’t hold on because of margin, it will decrease Subway’s long-term revenue.”

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The food sucks. That is usually not good for a restaurant. Maybe they should work on that.

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I haven't been back since the nearest Subway to my house declined the 12" BOGO coupon I received in the mail. That's the only way I could justify buying their shitty food at the current price.
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They really stuck it to their "Franchies`es"
Opening up Stores everywhere.
Between the prices they could charge and the "Franchise Fees" It was doomed for a "Correctment"

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Ireland ruled that their bread is literally so sugar filled that it’s not bread

That can’t be good for sales

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The campaign, however, also drew complaints from franchisees last year over the hire of soccer star Megan Rapinoe, whose perceived anti-American views reportedly rubbed some customers the wrong way.

They had a pedophile as the face of the company, and then followed that up with Megan Rapinoe?

That's a really bad move, especially for a restaurant company that allowed their product offering to collapse in quality.
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Every time I go, there’s tuna that was dropped on the pepperoni because they placed the tuna behind the pepperoni.

Same shite happens at Taco Bell when they put the lettuce behind the cheese.


Subway = Taco Bell

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Who in the hell thought using Rapinoe was a good idea?

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The soccer person endorsement ended it for me.

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Wait, rapin’ Hoe is their spokesperson? That’s almost as bad as the pee-dough

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It was never great but when they ditched the five dollar footlong deal, it lost all reason for going.

I’m not paying $12 for a shitty sub.

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Who in the hell thought using Rapinoe was a good idea?

They used Jared Fogle for a long time.

They are clearly not a company that makes good decisions.

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The $5 footlong where it ends up being like $11.50 is a huge deal breaker for most people

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Processed meat getting a bad rap too.

Tuna sammich w no tuna?

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Subway was awesome in the 1990s.

But they absolutely suck now.

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Subway has gotten expensive for what it is. I’d eat Jimmy John’s over Subway any day of the week.

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The best thing from Subway has always been the pizza sub, which isn't even officially on the menu

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Subway lost over 1,000 US locations last year alone

Is that all???

No one eats that shite any more

The ‘quality’ has dropped below McD and BK.

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Didn't they have like 62 million locations at one point? Hell, I think my doctor had one in his office at one time. My church had one, too.

Kidding, of course, but the damn things were everywhere at one point.
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Not surprised we used to eat there, I had one near my store about 10 years ago I’d eat at often, but the quality really went down hill, or I’m just sick of all this food I’ve been eating the last 30 years, but I don’t really think it’s that I think to keep up with cost quality has suffered.

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