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Someone in China just leaked some wild sensitive data stuff on espionage.

Posted on 2/19/24 at 12:40 pm
Posted by nycguy
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Posted on 2/19/24 at 12:40 pm
I came across this on Github yesterday and saw some discussion around it yesterday evening. Someone around 3 days ago just literally I guess rage dumped a bunch of Chinese espionage stuff in a public Github repo and oh boy theres some stuff in here. I put the Github repository code link at the end of the post, but its all Mandarin and its also quite a lot of stuff so I've put together some findings from some people who looked into it.
So disclaimer, while this isnt like 'Directly' the Chinese govt, it looks to be APT 41 which is like is a hacking organization with alleged ties to the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS).

Also this gets scary real fast, doesnt seem to be any direct USA hacking in here though.


Also funny thing is dude who leaked it appeared to be pissed about his pay (Just $277 / Month)

Some interesting tidbits before diving further.

If the leaks are to be believed, they claim to have penetrated government bodies for India, Thailand, S Korea, Vietnam, and NATO


thailands navy, rail....india's gov


TBs of data stolen from Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Türkiye, India, Egypt, France, Cambodia, Rwanda, Nigeria, Hongkong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Afghanistan

Some more Govt Victims


> screenshot of a list of bunch of UK agencies (purpose unknown), including
- Home Office
- British Treasury
- UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Warfare
- UK Department of Education
- UK Department for Environment and Food+
- Department for Brexit
- british department for transport
- UK Ministry of Health and Social Care
- British Ministry of Justice
- UK National Crime Agency
- chathamhouse chathamhouse
- British Institute for International Strategic Studies IISS
- Center for Foreign Policy Studies
- Center for Defense and International Security Studies
- Rand Institute European Branch
- Haiding Group
- Human Rights Watch
- Amnesty International


> which one did they want (from UK)? foreign affairs? the most important one they wanted
> yep, top priority
> okay, the team just told me there's a chance we can take control of the system
> team says they've got a 0day and for sure can take the system; will take about 2 weeks. can they pay in advance?

*screenshot content*
> UK Foreign Affairs had already been taken by another contractor
> choose a different one
> ??


- Kyrgyzstan Diplomatic Oil Service
- National Security Council Oil Service
- Asan Central Bureau of Investigation for Foreign Affairs and Defense (It seems that they have it all!)


they had also thought about getting access to NATO but decided it was too difficult


A: client says NATO is not exactly possible
> B: what do they mean by "not exactly possible?"
> A: they had already tried NATO before
> A: also they're not exactly interested
> B: we've got stuff from their chairman
> B: stuff from Jens Stoltenberg
> A: well not everything you think is interesting will necessarily be the same for others
> B: what about making it cheaper? I'm running low on money
> A: it's not about how much it costs, but that it's not worth it


It seems a Vietnam Television station was compromised.
Keywords to be searched:
- intelligence
- china
- United states
- tranquility


Some of these software features includes obtaining the user's Twitter email and phone number, realtime monitoring, publishing tweets on their behalf, reading DMs.

The Twitter exploitation tool also has the capability to take over Twitter accounts despite 2FA, with the victim not being notified on the bypass.


This is the weirdest of them all - a WiFi-capable device that can inject into the targeted... Android devices via WiFi? The device is said to be portable, plug and play, supports 3G and 4G. After a successful injection, it can get device info, GPS, SMS, contacts, call log, files


The Chinese APT leak has call data records (CDR) from Kazakhstan. One of the telcos in Kazakhstan is Tele2, which includes ALTEL. Both are listed in the CDR log.

Basically means they got directly into Call Logs in Kazakhstan Tele Networks.

Heres an image of some of the Victims, it says UCF there wtf lol


The Email Analysis platform by by iSOON reveals an aspect of Chinese APT campaigns we’ve never seen before. We now know the MPS can recreate their victim’s inboxes using the .eml files, perform link analysis, and can pivot or add to the investigation with mass email data ingests.

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Posted by LegendInMyMind
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This is all fine and good, but the espionage war with china was lost when those two guys successfully stole the secret to Oreo's white cream filling. It has been all downhill since then.
Posted by nycguy
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The Github Repo, but its all in Mandarin so you'd have to do your translation.

Github Repo
Posted by ReauxlTide222
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Posted on 2/19/24 at 12:44 pm to
It’s ok

Our leaders have this under control
Posted by Green Chili Tiger
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Posted by Scuttle But
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I don't get it
Posted by Commandeaux
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Congrats on the new kid...or sorry your paw paw died.

I ain't reading all that shite.
Posted by UnitedFruitCompany
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Also this gets scary real fast, doesnt seem to be any direct USA hacking in here though.

Yeah well its pretty hard to hack someone when they are giving you all the info for free.
Posted by jdd48
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Hope whoever that leaked got out of the country. Else they may be in for a horrible time.
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Posted by poochie
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Please explain this to me like I’m 5. And retarded.
Posted by WG_Dawg
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Isn't that the discount pharmacy?
Posted by Darth_Vader
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Also this gets scary real fast, doesnt seem to be any direct USA hacking in here though.

No need to hack the USA when they’ve already got our president on the payroll.
Posted by nicholastiger
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Posted on 2/19/24 at 1:04 pm to
Chicken about to disappear from the face of the earth due to this post
Ban him!

Congrats, you just compromised Tigerdroppings
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So is there pee pee in my coke or not?
Posted by RealDawg
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Over 2 million Chinese in America…like we can even pretend.
Posted by saint tiger225
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Maybe you can get with a publishing company and get a book deal for the OP you just wrote.
Posted by BobABooey
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Almost a sure thing the NSA/CIA already knew about these 0days but prioritized holding them in their arsenal to attack foreign nations one day, if needed, instead of notifying tech companies about the vulnerabilities.

Taxpayers fund these folks to find or buy these exploits. But then the government guards them in secrecy instead of using the knowledge to safeguard the financial systems, power infrastructure, water treatment facilities, etc relied upon by those same taxpayers.

I think.
Posted by YNWA
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Eh, that's child's play compared to what Russia has done to the most powerful nation in the world. Half the GOP is being financed by Russian agency's. Plus I won't even get into Trump because he's a well known Putin asset.

Posted by MyRockstarComplex
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So is there pee pee in my coke or not?

This would have been an excellent troll had the OP buried something about them hacking the Atlanta water supply that feeds the Coca Cola bottling factory downtown and adjusted the sewage water reclamation plant parameters.

Pee pee in coke indeed.
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