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re: My 15 year old daughter is driving me crazy

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Asking for pictures of a 15 year old can get you Life in Angola


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While you have her phone install turbospy on it.
Pay for the subscription.
It allows you to see everything she's doing on her phone. Very discreet.
Social media, texts, etc.

Super easy to install. Super affordable. Very highly recommend.

Also works with bitch-ass, cheating-ass whore wives my friend told me.
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It’s a group text to all the players. It’s not one on one texting. Plus I get all her texts on my phone just for that very reason. Not that I distrust her but I don’t trust folks in general with my baby , she makes damn near straight A’s and a good ball player. but her damn mouth just infuriates me the way she talks to me and her mom. I do wanna clarify one thing the wife isn’t taking her side, she Just has it her head that she has to have the phone for school activities. She does get on her arse for being rude and shite. But I did go talk to daughter and we discussed calmly what happened and the consequences that she has forced me to do. She apologized, as did I for raising my voice to her. It was a good convo but she has to learn that she can’t be acting that way, I did tell her the next thing was taking her door off the hinges and she didn’t like that idea at all. Thanks to one’s that gave their input on there experience with teenage daughters. God they are the best and worst of times with girls.

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Asking for pictures of a 15 year old can get you Life in Angola

I’m pretty sure that isn’t true but whatevs

It is creepy though.
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The daughter is just using the sports activities as leverage to get her screen back. She doesn't need the group chat to participate.

I can't believe the wife is taking the teenager's side instead of reinforcing the limit. Tsk tsk.
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Rust Cohle
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Why does that upset you that she’s sassy? “Because I raised her better”

What does it mean if she didn’t learn what I taught her? “That I’m a bad parent”

What does it mean if I’m a bad parent? That I’m a failure, broken, not doing the things I should, didn’t spend enough time with them.

So what do we do with this subconscious realization? We project our insecurities and lash out at our kids and ironically become bad parents.

What do we do? We practice self awareness, and become attuned to our kids.

Read hold onto your kids by Gabor Mate

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I feel bad for you. Prepare for bad things if the wife won’t support you.

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How do you do that with Verizon?

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Adopt an Asian daughter.

Let the mean one see how it’s done.

Plan B:
Sign up for 23andMe DNA tests. With 23andMe, you can change the name when you enable family sharing. So go with Cletus Johnson or some shite. Then buy your daughter a 23andMe kit so she can find out her real father. Tell her you will help her find her real father so she can go live her dream.

Plan C:
Just start openly questioning if she is your biological daughter.

Plan D:
Convert to Islam.

Plan E:
Fake your death

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By one off I mean hey coach I just tested positive for covid; have an appointment with my gynecology; oh shit, I left my whatever on the bus; random, one off shite you don't need or want to broadcast to the team. For my daughter specifically, she has a disorder that causes her to pass out when she's on her period - not something she wants to broadcast to the team monthly. I am as suspicious and hovering as the next parent but still use common sense when monitoring my kids communication with adult (I check all of it). My daughter is 17 and a senior - we only have 1 year left to advise her and then have to hope we did a good enough job she can navigate the world going off to college.

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You are 100% right about the phone. Your wife is absolutely wrong and she should be ashamed. If the coaches kick your daughter off a team because of it, then those are just the consequences of your daughter’s actions.

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Take her down to the courthouse for a look at tons of people who thought they knew it all too. Dead serious.

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I understood why animals sometimes eat their young when raising my teenage daughter. It was really rough. Now, she's an adult and tells me she is sorry about how bad she was. Lol.
Tell coach to call you.
Keep her phone.
You gotta hit em where it hurts.
Good luck.

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Just put my 2 month old to bed

So I imagine that it only gets worse from here on?

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You sound a touch rigid. If she plays sports then she probably does need her phone to communicate
Then get her phone that only does calls/texts and take her smart phone.

Perhaps chill and the attitude will chill.
This is arguably the worst advice in this thread imo. Parents run the house and are in control. The kid can be respected when she shows respect. The idea of being nice and riding it out and letting her continue her nonsense in hopes that she'll change is wild to me.

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ned nederlander
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Go on a ski trip with her. You’ll talk more with a teenager sitting together on a ski lift than you will the rest of the year combined.

And if you can’t ski, figure out something else the two of you can do together that is physically challenging and fun.

Or maybe it’s possible she is an a-hole. The world is filled with them. They must come from somewhere.

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Coaches communicating with teens on cell phones? What could go wrong? Not suspicious at all

Almost every coach as the high school level has to do that, but mine is a group me that contains every player and any parent that wants to join also

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they are teaching them to handle their business without going thru the parents. To be independent 

Thats groomer talk bro.

Teaching your kid to be independent is YOUR and YOUR WIFE's job.

Not their fricking travel ball coach or whatever.

What im saying is your wife is retarded and you shouldnt listen to her.
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probably does need her phone to communicate

Are you his wife?

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Most high school coaches LOVE to find ways and reasons to run kids.

Tell coach you are having issues with her attitude and coach will run her every day until it straightens up.

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