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Tweets regarding the Griffin/Langdon conference call with the media today

by Fun Bunch
Fun Bunch 125/21 12:49 pm

Earned jerseys as main uniforms?

by PrayingMantis
PrayingMantis 185/21 1:16 pm

Trajan Langdon Introductory Conference Call

by TigerinATL
TigerinATL 65/21 11:41 am
Mad Scientist26

This picture of Zion in front of Tacko Fall is amazing.

by Fun Bunch
Fun Bunch 175/20 8:33 pm


by Sharp85
Sharp85115/21 10:53 am

Cowturd on the radio just now

by 9Fiddy
9Fiddy 105/20 10:53 pm

Starting to think Clippers are the ideal trade candidate

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by Chad504boy
Chad504boy 435/21 2:02 pm

Gayle Benson is a better owner than her husband

by PistolPete45
PistolPete45 155/20 3:53 pm

How to get # 1and # 2 picks.. per radio guy

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by BayouRat15
BayouRat15 245/21 10:56 am
Pelefraan 1

Cap Situation

by Aussie_Pelican
Aussie_Pelican 35/20 9:49 pm

so if we trade AD, we get more than one draft pick right?

by J_Hingle
J_Hingle85/21 10:58 am

Magic Johnson believes Dell Demps leaked all of their discussions

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by Fun Bunch
Fun Bunch 245/21 12:44 pm

Non intelligent superstars and championships

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by ulsaint
ulsaint335/21 1:33 pm

Fletch: ADs mind STILL not changed at all.

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by Fun Bunch
Fun Bunch 635/21 1:43 pm

Let’s talk about Langdon’s impact on foreign scouting for us.

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by Fun Bunch
Fun Bunch 205/20 10:36 am
Fun Bunch

What's Plan A if AD wants to stay?

by whatiknowsofar
whatiknowsofar 165/20 1:39 pm

What is a POBO?

by Rohan Gravy
Rohan Gravy 95/20 1:36 pm
Fun Bunch

Guys, I got my elite board invitation!

by Upperdecker
Upperdecker 105/20 7:39 pm

Is there anything official on the AD meeting?

by Mr.Perfect
Mr.Perfect 45/20 8:40 am

Trajan Langdon named new GM

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by BallHawk
BallHawk 735/20 7:38 pm

Get rid of Davis....

by rubberneck
rubberneck 155/20 7:08 pm

In all seriousness, this all thanks to AD right?

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by Brettesaurus Rex
Brettesaurus Rex 215/19 4:08 pm

Is there more excitement around the Pels than 2/20/17?

by TulaneFan
TulaneFan 185/20 3:04 pm
Mad Scientist26

Do you think AD said he wanted out just to send a wake up call to NOLA Brass?

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by Hammond Tiger Fan
Hammond Tiger Fan 215/20 10:18 pm

The Historical Argument for Keeping AD

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by Crewz
Crewz375/20 1:17 am
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