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Business start up ideas
I'm always curious about these types of discussions.

What are some low start up cost small business ideas that you guys see being successful going forward?

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re: Business start up ideas
Reading this board ... self made financial consultant

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re: Business start up ideas
If I had a good enough idea, I’d probably be building something myself. As it is though, things that make people’s lives more convenient are going to do well. As people accumulate more disposable income, they’re more likely to pay someone else to do tasks they don’t want to mess with. You see this in the rise of food delivery and grocery delivery.

I think there is opportunity in handyman type stuff. Guys either don’t know how or don’t want to do the small R&M stuff around the house anymore.

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re: Business start up ideas
just day trade full-time

zero overhead

if you want to walk away with 1 million

be sure to start with 2 million

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re: Business start up ideas
If I were to do it over again, I would start a restoration company. They made $10,000 of my insurance company for 6 man hours... insane

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re: Business start up ideas
Any business, even a small one, needs some budget, so you should count it, and think what will be acceptable for you.

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re: Business start up ideas
Idea =/= Execution. And the later matters far more.

They are all low cost in this day of age, at least relatively. Can you execute it? Can you lead? Can you sell? Can you scale?

Far more into it than just having a good idea. That said, to be somewhat productive, I think there is a ton of value in regionalized/localized service based business that focus on brand/content creation/customer service.

Lots of money to be made in the service industry shift as boomers age out/die. I think most cities 100k+ will see 2-3 companies buy off all these little guys and dominate the market, but there is still room if you have any trade skill or can lead people who do.

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re: Business start up ideas
Spraying yards for mosquitos. A backpack blower with the attachment for dispersing chemicals runs $700-$800. The chemicals themselves cost pennies per yard. It is hard work, but you can hire hard working young folks (if you can find any) to do the labor. My buddy has a company that sprays over 500 yards a month at $50/yard/month. He also owns another company (similar to TruGreen) that sprays lawns for weed control and keeping them green.

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re: Business start up ideas
This is spot on. Execution and scaling are very hard in skilled trades these days. I own a construction related business and we’ve grown tremendously since we started 6 yrs ago. We had several links to large labor pools which has been one of our keys to success. We’re adding a couple of welding crews for our service division because there is an extreme lack of companies with that type of skilled labor. I have a company lined up that is going to put them to work as soon as we have them outfitted. Skilled trades continue to grow in demand as the older generation moves on and the younger generations are too good to work with their hands. If you can sell, execute, lead, recruit and scale you’ll be very successful. Not sure your geographic region but the demand will be specific to your area with respect to what type of services are needed.

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