Vikings Fill WR Laquon Treadwell’s Car With 60,000 Packs Of Fruit Snacks
Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
The NFL rookie pranks have already begun. Minnesota Vikings players filled rookie and former Ole Miss WR Laquon Treadwell’s car with 60,000 packs of Fruit Snacks...

This what happens when your rookie and your birthday is during Minicamp.. @vikings

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OceanMan96 months
I wonder why he didn't upgrade his car from college
user avatar
pellietigersaint96 months
wasteful jerkoffs
user avatar
LSUTIGER in TEXAS96 months
How much cashe did that lol-inducing-fest cost?
user avatar
CaptainJ4796 months
What a responsible young man with a modest vehicle
user avatar
Mr. Hangover96 months
My two year old would lose his shite if he saw that lmao
user avatar
RedFoxx96 months
Range Rover full of fruit snacks?! This is some Price is Right level shite.
user avatar
MJackson96 months
how'd they get the keys to his vehicle? aren't their lockers locked up?
user avatar
HailFreezusOver96 months
He left the sunroof open
user avatar
Deuces96 months
I would thank them and get to eating.
user avatar
LOL96 months
That shite would melt like a mofo
user avatar
MocklerLSU96 months
Maybe not in Minn, but that would be real bad in the South this time of year
user avatar
LSUsmartass96 months
Are his teammates trying to tell him he's a fruit?
user avatar
Old Money96 months
I'm jealous.
user avatar
Shakita Bonita96 months
Car is fresh af
user avatar
LSUChamp0696 months
I bet it smells amazing in his vehicle.
user avatar
barry96 months
How is giving someone free fruit snacks for life a prank?
user avatar
TigerOnTheMountain96 months
What a let down. At Ole Miss it was filled with cash.
user avatar
VincentVega96 months
That's funny, TOTM. LOL'ed and had everyone at work give me the stink eye.
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