Jared Goff and SI Swimsuit Model Christen Harper Making Out At A Beach Dinner Last Weekend
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Jared Goff and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Christen Harper were spending their offseason getting lovey dovey on the beach in SoCal over the weekend...

Was a good lil weekend

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TDsngumbo26 months
Ah, the last queen.
user avatar
abellsujr26 months
It’s gotta suck to know the only thing holding the Rams back was you. I mean, not really I guess. He seems to being doing OK.
user avatar
lastfan26 months
user avatar
moontigr26 months
she's the epitome of the word FINE
user avatar
aubiecat26 months
Rare. An actual attractive Instahoe.
user avatar
kkv7526 months
you would bang any one of those hoes in an insta-second.
user avatar
KennabraTiger26 months
He plays for the Lions and doesn’t give a frick
user avatar
Pandy Fackler26 months
That looks like a bunch 'a bullshite they're gonna have to tote back to the car.
user avatar
GatorPA8426 months
user avatar
Tiger in Co26 months
Definitely got a great rack
user avatar
Lynxrufus201226 months
Healthy looking young lady. Good for them both.
user avatar
pwejr8826 months
Why not the fat SI models? I thought that was attractive now.
user avatar
KAGTASTIC26 months
Any relation to Charlie Harper?
user avatar
LesnarF526 months
Good for Jared she has big tits and also big DSLs hope it lasts!!!
user avatar
kciDAtaE26 months
Poor fella. Has nothing going for him
user avatar
GumboDave26 months
Why is this news?
user avatar
PeleofAnalytics26 months
Are you looking for something more in complicated than "it gets people to click on it". That's kinda how these sites make their money.
user avatar
meauxses26 months
Because we like titties idiot.
user avatar
Godfather126 months
She gots some nice yogs.
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