The daughter of Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, Gracie Hunt, got her fitness on yesterday...

Fitness Friday Bosu Blast!

The Bosu is a staple in my fitness routine. I love how it adds difficulty to familiar exercises, plus I think it’s kind of fun!

For this circuit, do 20-30 reps for each exercise (for the plank jacks, aim for 50). Repeat the circuit three times.

Circuit details:
~Push ups
~Side plank with reach through
~Elbow to knee crunches
~Plank jacks
~Single-leg deadlifts
~Pulse squats
~Russian twists

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user avatar
JackieTreehorn15 months
It’s a hard life
user avatar
ncinthenext315 months
Where dat arse. We never see dat arse.
user avatar
Champagne15 months
Show bobs and vagene pls
user avatar
BayouTiga15 months
Surprised to hear she is only 24, looking 30. GEAUX AWAY PLS!
user avatar
buckfammer15 months
This program is garbage for men.

Stick to the base 4 compound lifts and the necessary accessories.
user avatar
Prominentwon15 months
Cindy Lou Who. Every day.
user avatar
Rouge15 months
Gracie Hunt is the epitome of "all the money in the world can only do so much."
user avatar
tucoco15 months
When Patrick gon wake up and dump that retard of a girlfriend that he has and go for all the marbles with his boss' prized property???
user avatar
GatorPA8415 months
I bet she had a stressful week of “work”
user avatar
JackieTreehorn15 months
I enjoy seeing someone happy that had it hard growing up. Inspirational.
user avatar
Borntoboogy15 months
I respect her will to be healthy and beautiful.
user avatar
wallowinit15 months
such hard work....OH!
user avatar
Godfather115 months


This chick is FUGLY.
user avatar
SoFla Tideroller15 months
She's far from fugly but she doesn't merit the coverage she gets
user avatar
tigerinthebueche15 months
I love it when Larry trolls y’all with this chick LOL
user avatar
CallmeSteveo15 months
She’s weird af
user avatar
PenguinPubes15 months
Would you quit posting this chick please?
user avatar
BayouTiga15 months
Geaux away please...........
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