Manti Te’o Finally Has A Real Girlfriend
Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports
Remember a few years ago when Notre Dame's Manti Te’o had a girlfriend who didn't exist? Well guys, the now San Diego Chargers LB has a real life one. Her name is Jovi Nicole...

Oh, she was also one of Arizona's most wanted at one point...
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randomways101 months
Once the cops confirm your girlfriend really exists, you can finally breathe easy and start having sex with her. Classic stuff.
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TwoDatBait101 months
Manti Te’o’s new girlfriend’s mugshot once appeared in sheriff’s “Most Wanted”

She goes by Michelle Danielle Phillips now though......
user avatar
Upperaltiger06101 months
Crazy bitches.....Put. It. Down.
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DaveyDownerDawg101 months
The real crown jewel is the guy named Robert "Begay".
user avatar
Lordofwrath88101 months
Did she find Jesus or something?
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StrangeBrew101 months
Image not available, like his first girlfriend
user avatar
blueboy101 months
Beard. And prolly a hooker.
user avatar
loweralabamatrojan101 months
"It's a trap!" -A. Akbar
"She mah trap Queen" -M. Te'O (requoted with permission from Mr. F. Wap)
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airportwhiskey101 months
I googled her, this chick has more arrests than just that one. Looks like two others from last year alone.
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TampaTiger22101 months
He is hot
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The imaginary one is going to be jealous.
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NYCAuburn101 months
so his current GF has a felony for theft...interesting
user avatar
GeauxAggie972101 months
So does he have threesomes in his own mind?
user avatar
Buck Dancer101 months
She looks faker than his imaginary girlfriend.
user avatar
Rakim101 months
The best you can do?
user avatar
DeathvalleyU101 months
Still not as hot as his college girlfriend.
user avatar
DeafVallyBatnR101 months
Drag Queen
user avatar
pellietigersaint101 months
user avatar
DownSouthCrawfish101 months
She's hotter than Lenay, that's for sure.
user avatar
ctiger69101 months
Looks fake
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