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Drew Brees' PointsBet commercial has left lightning strike victims enraged with a major organization ripping the NFL superstar's "inappropriate" and "disgusting" stunt...(uhhh, is this a stunt too?)...

Lightning Strike and Electric Shock Survivors International -- an organization that has members in 13 countries that helps those impacted by similar accidents -- got wind of Brees' commercial ... and they tell TMZ Sports they're not happy.

"The recent Drew Brees lightning commercial is an inappropriate, disgusting method of promoting gambling or any TV commercial campaign," a statement from LSESSI says.

"This is a deadly injury, and it is disappointing to see the continual ridicule of lightning and electrical injury survivors in comical light in which it is presented for commercial gain and profit."

The org. says it did not find any humor in the ad ... considering many survivors are forever impacted after an accident, and it affects their loved ones as well.

"To poke fun at these folks and make this injury trivial is unacceptable, and what example does it set for our children to learn?"

There's more -- "As a survivor, this is very disturbing, the thoughtlessness on the part of the participants who are trying to profit from tragedy is remarkable. Much progress through hard work and education has been made over the last twenty years to lower the lightning/electrical deaths and risk of injury through education and informed knowledge of the dangers."

The org. believes Brees' ad "just set us back 20 years."
Seriously, are we being pranked again?

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jdutto319 months
Wait wait wait wait. There is a thing called

Real outrage or not, clever marketing.
user avatar
jdutto319 months
Forgive me, it's Lightning Strike and Electric Shock Survivors International. Please don't write me a hate note guys.
user avatar
thetruthisnotkind19 months
Who cares. People die in weird ways.
user avatar
ImBatman19 months
The entire NFL dropped down to their knees for BLM. Drew Brees is not the only one. Now does he have to bow down to lightning strike victims too? How about abide by the law and stay out of lightning storms and stop crying what about me!
user avatar
Strannix19 months
Drew brought all of this on himself, NEVER APOLOGIZE for something you are morally correct on. He's now just a sad example of the consequences.
user avatar
2geaux19 months
Is there a woke support group for catching my pinky toe on the table leg? There would be more members than lightning strike victims!
This world is filled with p******s!
user avatar
Morpheus19 months
There are Dozens
user avatar
MrWalkingMan19 months
I did not know there was a support group for this. Lightning strike must not be as rare as they say
user avatar
udtiger19 months
Normally, I'd say these people need to get the frick over it. But Brees deserves every bit of bad PR and annoyance that comes his way for his frickery
user avatar
diat15019 months
He needs to donate a few million to the
user avatar
castorinho19 months
Is this a joke lmao
user avatar
Twenty 4919 months
What are the odds PointsBet formed LSESSI to stir up controversy and generate publicity for their ad?
user avatar
jnethe119 months
Don’t worry, drew Bree’s kneeled for a convicted rapists. He’s good y’all.
user avatar
CajunBullet19 months
Yep, ole Drew "The Knees" Brees is a class act! I bet his grandfathers are proud of him?
user avatar
griswold19 months
You can literally do absolutely nothing without some obscure individual or group getting butt hurt about it. frick 'em
user avatar
Skinny19 months
Great Outdoors voice. His hair turned white cause lightening struck it. How many times now Reg? Six, six, sixty six times in the head!!
user avatar
lourob19 months
F'n love that movie
user avatar
REG86119 months
I can just see the fake news outrage now. “lightning disproportionately strikes people of color.”
user avatar
Errerrerrwere19 months
Brees chose his Tpos WR over his grandfather. No fricks to grow in my frick garden
user avatar
Champs19 months
Oh no… 12 people are upset
user avatar
Tiger in Texas19 months
Another morning and like every morning, some weak arse pussies have found something to be offended by...good grief people!
user avatar
3deadtrolls19 months
"Lightning Strike and Electric Shock Survivors International -- an organization that has members in 13 countries"

Let's just be honest, y'all got like 13 members.
user avatar
RealityTiger19 months
Man some of y’all act like menopausal women. Good God…
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